12 Content Marketing Tips From a Las Vegas SEO Expert

Sin City is getting a little tricky. More than 31 million businesses are open throughout the United States. Thousands of them are located in the Las Vegas area, and many of them are trying out Las Vegas SEO. 

SEO is a great way to increase your client base and convert internet users into loyal customers. But SEO is about a lot more than writing tweets every day. You need to think about some Las Vegas SEO expert tips and develop your content better. 

What kinds of content should you share online? How can you distinguish your content from your competitors’ materials? How should you change your content over time? 

Answer these questions and you can make SEO in Vegas simple. Here are 12 tips you should follow.

1. Revise Your Material

Your content reflects back on you and your company. If your work is laden with typos and imprecise language, you will seem sloppy and unintelligent. 

Whenever you write a blog post, you should write another draft of it. You can read the article out loud and then edit it so it flows better. You can also write a word-for-word new draft or replace paragraphs with new thoughts you have. 

2. Repurpose Your Blog Posts

Facebook is a different platform than your blog or Twitter. But you shouldn’t overthink the differences. Users on Facebook are willing to sit down and read long posts, as long as they are engaging in some way. 

Try to put your blog posts on Facebook after you’ve made some tweaks to them. You can split a blog post into two posts, or you can attach an infographic to your post.

3. Be Bold

Your voice is your invitation to the world. Invite them to reach out to you by offering your bold opinions on things. If there’s something in your industry you don’t like, speak out about it and make a name for yourself as a thought leader.

4. Pursue Specific Keywords

It’s true that everyone googles “best pizza near me.” But writing a piece of content around that keyword will not work wonders. So many companies are writing posts around short keywords that it is hard for you to rank highly. 

You should try getting more specific. Instead of “best pizza near me,” you can use “best pizza in Las Vegas” or “most authentic Italian pizza in Las Vegas.” Feel free to add negative keywords so you avoid having irrelevant searches like “bad pizza” bring your website up.

5. Answer Tricky Questions

You can develop your audience base and increase the loyalty of your audience by writing about specific questions. “What authentic ingredients do I include in my Neapolitan pizza?” is an example of a precise question. Feel free to target a niche audience and get into the nitty-gritty about your industry.

6. Research Well

A 1,000-word article should have at least two external links and two internal links in them. But you aren’t limited to just four links in total. Whenever you cite a statistic, you should include a link vouching for that statistic. 

You should also find extremely high-quality links. You should cite from government and educational institutions, including colleges and universities. The more local the college is, the better.

7. Organize Your Article for Skimming

It’s hard to read long blocks of text or long sentences, especially on our phones. You can appeal to mobile users by breaking your paragraphs down. Don’t include more than three sentences per paragraph, and try to cap each sentence at 20 words.

8. Create a Great Headline

No one will click on an article entitled, “How to Make a Pizza.” Your headlines should indicate what your content is about, but they should also grab your reader’s attention. “That’s Amore: Prepare a Pretty Pizza Pie Today” combines a little humor with a basic summary of what the article will be about.

9. Be Inventive With Your Headers

In addition to your headline, you should get flashy with your headers. Each section should have a unique header that summarizes the content and draws the reader in. 

Your concluding header should never read, “Conclusion,” with no other information. You should include your target keyword and a sentence that brings your entire article together.

10. View Your Analytics

Your best resource for SEO support is your own analytics pages. You should be checking them at least once a week, and you should inspect how your old and new posts are going. 

Do not just look at how many views you are getting. Take a look at how many comments you receive, including through your contact page. You should think about how many sales you have converted and whether your customers have mentioned your content to you.

11. Adjust Your Campaign Over Time

Digital marketing in Las Vegas can change rapidly. One of your posts may do very well, and you may need to capitalize on its success. 

Try adjusting your content to reflect previously successful content. You should also experiment with new social media platforms as they come onto the market. TikTok may seem a little juvenile, but you can convert young people into customers through short videos.

12. Find New Ideas

If a few of your customers call you with a problem, you should consider writing a post to address the issue. If a news event relates to your industry in some way, you can write a quick post about your thoughts on it.

Feel free to let other people at your company take the wheel. They can write posts and take photographs about their work experience and the issues they care about.

Hire a Las Vegas SEO Expert

SEO is only getting trickier through time. You need to produce high-quality content that addresses issues no one else is talking about. You should answer difficult questions and include long-form keywords.

You need to invest a lot of time in good organization. Your headlines and headers should be catchy, and your paragraphs should flow well. Your content should reflect your past successes as well as current trends and ideas from your clients and associates.

When in doubt, talk to a Las Vegas SEO expert. Raptor Digital Marketing serves the Las Vegas area. Contact us today.