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Episode 14:

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This week I am previewing chapter 4 in the Little Book on Digital Marketing SEO Part 1 On Page Optimization. The book series will contain a complete guide to keyword research, on-page optimization, off-page optimization and local optimization.

Following the guidelines in each of these 4 books will give you a solid blueprint to getting your site ranked well in search engines. Book 2 should be out in a couple of months and today I wanted to highlight Chapter 4 and some of the tips I think are most useful from it. I hope you enjoy!



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Using Social Media

of the biggest complaints I hear from clients is that all of their social media efforts both paid and non-paid don’t usually bear any fruit. There could be a number of reasons why this has been their outcome but the bad taste left in their mouths oftentimes keep them from using social media in one of it’s most basic forms.

Today I want to talk a little about using social media to grow the authority of your business. The idea isn’t that you will necessarily get clients directly from Social Media, but instead when you are researched online, you will have a good presence which will lend itself to more sales and customer trust.

I will give a few tips I use daily in my SEO firm to heighten authority and awareness of my brand and how you can do the same.

Find your audience

The biggest mistake people make in social media is targeting their peers or people who have the same jobs as them. This isn’t always a bad thing but unless your peers buy from you, should they really be your main target audience? I am an SEO consultant so my target audience is businesses owners, marketing managers, small business start-ups etc.

It is tempting for me to write posts about SEO but then those who would read them would most likely be competitors. I don’t mind if they read my stuff but most likely they aren’t going to buy from me making it not the best use of my time. However if I gear my content towards helping business owners grow their business using online marketing, I am going to hit my target a little better and actually provide the value I am looking to.

For your business, look at your customer base and then research what they are looking for. You can then provide them with what they want while sponsoring the content with what you have to offer.

Be Consistent

Whether you post once per day or once per week be consistent. Nobody wants to follow someone who barely seems to be alive most of the year. If you have a schedule for posts keep it consistent so your audience will know what to expect from you. If you do decide to only post once per week, make sure you do a well done in-depth post that will make following you worthwhile.

I personally post at least twice per day. I try to only post relevant information to business owners and posts about my own content “stuff” goes out about 3 times a week, the rest is all just good content I find helpful.

People know what I do and your followers will know what you do. Give them value and when they need your service, they’ll let you know.

Have a Consistent Budget

Even if your budget is $1 per day use it. Having a small amount invested will keep your mind on what you are doing and your game sharp. If you haven’t already, install the Facebook Pixel and Google Remarking pixel on your site.

You don’t have to currently advertise to have the pixels on your site so add them in case you want to advertise later. They will track your users and make it easy for you to show ads to them when they are on other sites.

Back to budget. Try out the different ad types to see what drives the most of what you are looking for. If you want leads, to the lead forms. If you want more followers do that. If you have a small budget I would suggest doing your posts and boosting them to your audience until you have a larger budget.

Keep Your Brand Recognizable

A huge mistake businesses make is having social media accounts all branded differently. Whats worse is when your website doesn’t match your social media as well. A good rule of thumb is to take the colors, pictures and logos from your website and re-use them on your social media profiles. Doing this will help your users recognize you across the web and you will look more professional.


Just do it really. You may love or hate social media, but regardless the world uses it and if you don’t comply you will get left in the dust. If you can’t stand it, hire a social media firm. If you can tolerate it, use an app like Buffer or Hootsuite to schedule your posts out.

Remember that as a business owner or marketer it is your job to get the best exposure you can for your business. Use all avenues especially social media and you will accomplish that goal.

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Episode 13:

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In this episode Greg and I answer a great listener question and cover new updates from Google and of course a joke! The tip of the month is a little technical but get your developer on board and see if you can follow along to get a perfect 100 on Google Page Speed insights. We hope you enjoy!



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What is the Most Bang For My Buck

starting a business, costs can be a big deterrent to growth. Oftentimes it is a question of the chicken and the egg and many business owners don’t know how to market without taking loans out.

The difficulty with marketing is that most of it is long-term. You can get some immediate success with a few platforms but others take sustained investment to pay off. To add to the pain, many advertising options don’t work for some business models but  by the time they figure it out, there isn’t enough money to try a different avenue.

Finding the happy medium

Usually the best option is to try multiple options with low investment up-front. Expect that not all of them will work so you can unbiased see what does and doesn’t work.

I will outline a few options that will give you the most bang for your buck and why in this article. As I mentioned not all avenues work for all businesses so start with low budgets to test the marketing funnel before increasing your spend.

Facebook Ads

Facebook is really popular right now for advertising due to the targeting. I am not a Facebook advertising Wiz of any sorts but I have seen a little success with B2C businesses. B2B I haven’t been able to create any success which does not mean it isn’t possible, I just think it is a little more difficult.

With Facebook you can set your budget at $1 per day but I would recommend $5 for some actual data. Then give it at least a week to run and then measure results. With this type of option you only spend around $35 and if it doesn’t work you haven’t lost thousands to find out.

Google Display with Adwords

Google has a reputation for being difficult to use and expensive. All of the ads are show on a bidding platform so the more competitive a keyword is the more it will cost. There are some cheaper forms of adwords though that you can use and drive your costs down.

Image and video ads are shown only on websites that have adsense installed. There are a lot of them and unlike the main search engine, the costs are usually significantly less.

You have the option to target specific sites or you can go for categories or keyword specific pages. This makes it very helpful to target your audience based on their interests.

Much like Facebook I would recommend going at it with a small budget so you can test it before investing large amounts.

Reddit Thread Advertising

Did you know Reddit has advertising options for the top of the subreddits and sidebars? The cost is actually pretty cheap as well so if your audience has a large enough following on a subreddit I would say give it a look as well.

Regardless of what you are looking to market, a solid plan is to test first and then invest in advertising. Finding the biggest bang for your buck is the most important part of advertising, otherwise you will be leaving money on the table.

Your Experience

Do you have any great advertising funnels for your business? Feel free to leave them in the comments and any that aren’t spam will be posted. Thanks for contributing!

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I built a Dr Who Tardis and This is How It Ended Up

‘m a big Dr. Who fan and so I decided to build my own Tardis. I had looked online but found you could only buy one from the UK for around $10,000. Yikes. This is The completed version. The entire thing is really heavy made of solid pine and spray painted bye with black specs to make it look older and worn.

I also ordered a light from Amazon and painted it blue to match for the top. It’s not perfect but I am really happy with the outcome.

When it’s not out I store it in my third car garage.

Usually keep in the front yard decorated for holidays though.

This is me and my wife on Halloween dressed up with the Tardis in the background.

I put two high powered fog machines on our porch and it turned out pretty sweet.


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Episode 12:

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I am excited to announce a couple of awesome things I am working on in this episode! I hope you will take advantage of the content I will be putting out and that it will help your business out in a tremendous way. I do SEO not only because I love it but because I love seeing businesses have success and get new clients from search engines. The books, videos and classes I will be putting out I am hoping will be a huge help to small business owners that may not be able to afford a full time SEO but none the less still need it.

It is a short episode but I have tried to pack in all of the up and coming thins I am excited about releasing!



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How Long

ink one of the most often asked questions I receive is “how long will this take to work?”. The “this” in reference is almost always SEO. This is a very difficult question to answer mainly because of the dishonesty of a lot of my competitors. I don’t say this to talk down on them, that’s not really necessary. In fact I probably feel more sorry for them than anything because they feel a need to over-promise to clients in order to land them, when honesty usually sells much better. But I digress.

Getting back to the topic of how long it actually takes to rank or have SEO take affect. This depends completely on factors that are somewhat out of your control. You can however get a general idea of how long something will take by asking yourself a few questions:

established websites

How established is your site?

If you have a well established site you should be able to see improvements directly related to SEO within the same month you do the work. I have had a lot of established clients see huge ranking increases their first month largely because they are already established.

On the flip side, sites that are brand new with no awareness usually need a good 4 to 6 months of consistent work before they are able to see gains. This isn’t due to anything but major search engines not paying attention to new sites until they prove themselves. Once you start putting up good content, social media etc. search engines will take notice and crawl your site more which will help SEO work faster.

man working on SEO

What work are you doing?

The second question to ask is what work you are doing for your SEO. If you are going the cheap route of blog links and comments it will take potentially months or years for any benefit. Sites that haven’t shut down the ability for SEOs to add rank increasing links to them, usually get much less attention than higher quality sites.

Think of it as the easier it is, the more likely it won’t help for quite a while. If you however create some groundbreaking work that is picked up by an editor of a large magazine and you provide them with additional resources that result in some press from them, that will take affect most likely in a very short period of time.

Play it safe and go with difficult time consuming SEO practices that will once finished provide way more value than easier and usually cheaper tactics.

How is your site coded?

How well is your site coded/setup?

Having fresh content on an established site won’t help much if you have outdated code. Its no secret that Google rewards websites that have mobile friendly views and fast loading content. User experience is key and the easier it is for users to access your content the better your chances will be.

It will be difficult to gauge just exactly how long SEO will take to work but a good SEO should be able to give you a decent timeline of when you should expect improvements. Make sure you get straight answers up front and if someone guarantees overnight success I would suggest moving on to someone who will be honest with you on the results you can expect.

Until next time!

-Joseph Stevenson

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Does it matter

ve an ecommerce site and right now I have landing pages for brands and product types. I want to create custom landing pages for certain keywords, think something along the lines of “black running shoes”, to exist separate from my landing page for just “running shoes”. Since these new landing pages will have roughly the same products, will Google treat the new pages as duplicates of my existing landing pages? Or is a different H1 and ~20% different products enough to be counted as unique?

So I get this question quite a bit with people promoting websites and I think it is important to ask yourself the purpose of creating multiple pages. Oftentimes it is tempting to think that if you have more pages on your site that it will equal more traffic. With updates in search engines it is actually not a great thing to have thousands of similar pages. Google and other search engines will see this as a bloated site and your poor rankings pages can actually hurt your well ranking ones.

Oftentimes I will see a huge increase in rankings and traffic by getting rid of variable pages that have similarities and just focusing on the main pages.

So I ask again what is the purpose of the multiple pages. If you are looking only to target multiple keywords with a similar variation then I would suggest only having one page. You can add in tags or categories to alert search engines that your shoe for instance has a black, white and grey version all on one page. You could also go as far as having one page for men’s and women’s shoes that are the same type.

Where you want to have different pages is with unique products like shirts vs. shoes. You will have different shoppers, profiles and searches for these vs. someone who might be looking for all shoes of that type.

E commerce can be very complicated so feel free to give us a call for a quick consult on how you should structure your pages in a way that search engines will find helpful.