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Albuquerque SEO for individuals looking for great SEO and web design at terrific costs contact our Albuquerque SEO Raptor Digital Marketing. Raptor Digital Marketing is a Albuquerque SEO firm. Any advice or work found from this site or through the blog should be checked with Joseph before implementing due to the rapid change of search engine

A Message From Our Founder.

Doing everything makes you a jack of all trades, master of none.

Many people in the Albuquerque area don’t understand SEO. As an Albuquerque SEO expert, I’d like to shed a little light on what SEO is and the process that’s necessary to achieve excellent results for your money. As a business owner, you’re objective is to make a good living – and perhaps like me, to help other people along the way. So, your focus must always be on growing your sales pipeline and winning new customers. Today, much of this happens on the web.

SEO is about establishing your website as a “marketing machine.” Since Google, and other search engines, directly more than 90 percent of all the traffic on the web to particular websites, it’s all important to come up high on the list when people search for your products and services, and to raise your rankings as high as possible – over time. That’s what I do; I’m good at it. (So, if you want email marketing, or need an app built, I can direct you business people I know that specialize in those areas.) As for Joseph Stevenson, my forte is in SEO.


My early years and how I got started.

I’m a product of a home schooled education; so are my brothers. Homeschooling is the reason I’m in the SEO profession today. I learned many skills and knowledge I would not have been exposed to had I attended public schools. Such is the case with programming. I was writing computer programs when I was only 12. I guess I’m responsible for our homeschooling since my inability to handle the humidity in Washington State where we lived before made moving to a drier climate a necessity.(Here’s the back story: My parents made the decision to homeschool me (and my brothers) because we had moved to the Arizona desert to a little town called Golden City, so little in fact that it didn’t have a school there. To give you a better idea… Golden Valley is 2 hours from Las Vegas, NV, and about 30 minutes from Kingman, AZ. There was just no way my parents were going to have us travel Monday through Friday each week to Kingman.)


Where my love of being a nerd came from.

As I hit my teen years, my love for programming and my programming ability grew even more. I started “taking apart” the internal code on the computer games I was playing. And, I began writing computer game programs of my own, including adventure games and story-based games. Soon, I turned my attention the web. My friends ere asking me to help them with their MySpace pages to make them look better, and I obliged. Each time, my confidence grew, as well as my ability to be able to create whatever I wanted. Technology was fascinating to me, a kind of a puzzle.

After making some money on the web by creating and managing some affiliate marketing sites of my own, in 2007, I became a full-fledged entrepreneur.

I opens what was to become Joseph Stevenson (an Albuquerque SEO Firm) and took on my first website client. As the Internet matured. And search engines began to become the primary way that traffic was generated for business websites, my skill at “reading” and responding to how to get high rankings on Google (and other search engines) grew accordingly. This field became SEO. I was right there in the middle of it as it happened. What a rush!My brothers went on to find their calling in the technology field, too. One now works at Adobe and the other works at BP. As I throw my hat into the ring here in Albuquerque, vying for your business. I’m confident for you to compare my expertise – and client results – with the other SEO firms in Albuquerque, and all across New Mexico.


I believe business should be earned, not expected.

Simply stated, my business runs on the trust my clients placed on our relationship and my ability to make things happen for their business. The great thing about lead generation and sales on the web is that we have Google Analytics and other programs, that can document online success as it happens, or not. This doesn’t scare me because I work hard for my clients. I don’t play the games that some of the other SEO companies in Albuquerque seem to play on an ongoing basis. For example, many SEO firms will try and sucker you in to pay for a year in advance, or sign a year-long contract. Then they take part of the proceeds and hire a low-costs, sub-par contractor to do the “behind the scenes” work. The thing is… they never tell you this. They try and leave you in the dark.

This is something I will never do. It’s not right and in reality, their short-term business model won’t work in getting your website ranked higher in the search engines. I do claim to be one of the best SEO firms in Albuquerque, but I’m willing to prove it through the work I do on behalf of your business. In order to generate well-qualified leads for you, which in turn translate to more sales, first I have to get these prospects to your site. SEO is the the vehicle I use to accomplish this objective.


If you don’t do things right, don’t do them at all.

The process I use to get us there isn’t secret. In fact, I’ll share it here. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication – and of course industry expertise – to raise your rankings. Anyone that suggests shortcuts is not legitimate.

1. First, I assess your current site, looking at the code, the copy, and the Call To Action(s). We need to improve what’s there so when I increase the number of visitors to your site, it will look professional and accomplish what you want sales-wise.

2. Second, I create and post new strategic content on your site and off, such as blogs, press release, social media messages and the like. We are going for quality here, not the bulk approach to just throw up a lot of copy on your site without rhyme or reason. This content will help drive the traffic.

3. Lastly, I keep it up. I keep adding and releasing more and more copy all focused on the areas you want to rank for – that your ideal customers are looking to buy. This process not only works for the search engines, but also raises your reputation as a steady, informative thought leader in your industry.I do want to emphasize that if another SEO company in Albuquerque tells you they’ll do something significantly different from this, be concerned. They are raising a red flag.

Well, that’s Albuquerque SEO in a nutshell. The next step is having a discussion about your business needs and challenges on the web. I can help you get more traffic. I can raise your site’s ranking in major search engines.

For twelve years, Joseph Stevenson Albuquerque SEO Consulting has been achieving results for multiple clients every month of the year, every day of the month. If you found this website without knowing the name or URL of my company, then you’ve just seen for yourself what Albuquerque SEO can do.

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