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How Long Does SEO Take To Work – For Online Retailers?

itably this question comes up in every sales meeting: “How long will SEO take?”

The answer, of course, is “It depends.”  While some very fancy and technological sites will give us some very interesting data about domain age, link volume, trust flow, etc. there is no sure answer. However, one thing almost everybody agrees on is that 6 months is a good ballpark estimate for good SEO results in an optimal situation.

Does SEO take longer than 6 months?

Sometimes. I have had some clients who take only a couple months to get to page 1, but I’ve also seen clients who have barely budged after 6 months of effort. There’s no set SEO system that works for every type of site in every type of industry. It’s just not safe to say it will always take “X months” to get results.

In the case of online retailers, though, maybe there’s a better answer than “6 months” or “it depends.”

SEO for Online Retailers – A Case Study.

We had a chance to work with a local retailer who had only been working on a retail section of their website for a year. This retailer had put the time and effort into building over 3000 pages on their site, and had written custom descriptions for each item. They wanted to know if SEO would work for them, and, if so, how long it would take to work.

Our analysis showed that the immense effort they had already put into the site had started making a difference even before concerted SEO efforts began. They had a handful of keywords already ranking on page 1. They just needed a bit of a boost to get to the top 3.

We created a strategy that would help the in-house team optimize their work as they continued to add products and blog posts. We taught them how to set up their categories and product pages to more accurately target valuable search terms.  In the mean time, we began our extensive link building campaign, where we first amplified the overall link profile of the main page, strengthening its authority. We also targeted the low-hanging fruit – those keywords that were already ranking well – and gave them a push.

Rankings improved immediately. Within just 2 months the average position of the site’s hundreds of keywords had risen noticeably. But next was actual visitors to the site.

SEO Results vs Visitor Results.

Most SEO companies consider “Results” to be rankings. And rankings are great, but they don’t pay the bills.  Most important is visitors to the site.

In general, as ranking improve, site visits lag behind. Good rankings don’t generally generate much traffic until they reach the top 3 positions. So front page is good, but top 3 is the money maker.

In the case of our online retailer client, a few of their products began reaching the top 3 spots within 2 or 3 months, even beating amazon in some cases. Soon more and more keywords followed as the overall average position continued to rise.  Here’s a look at some of their analytics from just a day ago (see if you can tell when we started working with them):

SEO for online retailers

Paid search was a huge driver in this growth, but SEO generating more than paid was generating at the beginning of the year.  Revenue has nearly tripled over the previous year. And that’s a gorgeous trend-line.

So, how long does it take for SEO to work for online retailers? Let me ask you this: do you think this online retailer is wanting to stop? Do you think they consider their SEO to be complete? The answer is that for an online retailer, it’s a never-ending process that adds more and more as time goes by, like an avalanche.  Those first few keywords aren’t going to justify the cost of SEO, but the later rankings are more than going to make up for it if all goes well! 🙂

Are you looking to get your online retailing work going on its own without help from an SEO? You can get a lot of it done yourself if you follow best practices like those laid out in our DIY SEO Book.

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Attorney Advertising: Yeah, I Found Your $100-Per-Click Ads WAY Outside Your Jurisdiction. Do You LIKE Wasting Money? Is That Even Legal?

WARNING:  In this post, I call out several Las Vegas PI attorneys for wasting money, and potentially advertising themselves as available in other jurisdictions.  If you’re a PI attorney in Vegas, check if you’re on the list. If you’re outside Vegas, but running ads on Adwords, be sure to read how to check your own ads.

Adwords is probably the biggest Love/Hate relationship personal injury attorneys have in their marketing efforts. Love, because if it’s set up right it can get results right away.  Hate because, for PI attorneys, Adwords can cost over 100 dollars per click.  That means, of course, that there’s a budgetary barrier to entry that keeps many of the small-timers who often need it most, and even the big guys can waste thousands of dollars on poorly made ad campaigns.

I’ve run ad campaigns for huge, multi-state PI firms, as well as the little guy who just wants to carve out a niche in a suburb. For everybody, prices are insane, and there’s no silver bullet to getting only calls from severely injured people who were rear-ended by a truck. However there are a few things that can ALWAYS help maximize your budget, and minimize waste.

In this post I will call out some fundamental errors on a few ads run by law firms in Las Vegas, where I am located.  I would gladly call out their adwords companies if I knew them, but I don’t really have any way of knowing who set up their campaigns for them. Make no mistake, any one of these mistakes will cost you hundreds of dollars a month.

Here are some problems I discovered in just a few minutes of browsing ads for personal injury lawyers while at my desk in Las Vegas.

Problem 1: Ad Campaign Set Up By Somebody Who Doesn’t Understand How Jurisdictions Work.

Does this look right? Harris & Harris, are you wanting to advertise as a “Kentucky Personal Injury Attorney?” How about you, Cogburn? Hello?

The first sign that somebody just “phoned it in” while setting up an Adwords campaign is poor targeting.  This is the most common mistake I see in attorney Adwords campaigns. Basically, whoever set up the campaign did the basic stuff, probably set the daily budget, set up some ads (even some nice ads like the example above), but really didn’t bother tightening up the campaign to ONLY show the ads to the people the firm are targeting.

This happens when you work with an Adwords team or individual who just doesn’t think of advertising in the way an attorney would. You can’t just tell google to show your  ad everywhere in your market – like Las Vegas – and assume it’s going to always get it right.

In my experience, PI firms with this kind of flaw are losing at least 200 – 300 dollars per week with poorly targeted clicks. 

When you consider a good Adwords management service (like ours) only costs about 250 / month… it’s worth more than it will cost you to use a good team rather than try and set it up yourself or use somebody who doesn’t know how law firms work.

Law Firms In Vegas Who Showed Up in “Personal Injury Attorney Kentucky” Searches Made From Las Vegas on 1/28/18:

Gazda & Tadayon

Brent Carson

Adam Kutner

Nettles Law

Harris & Harris Injury Lawyers

Cowgirl Law

Kelleher and Kelleher

Glen Lerner

Mountain West Lawyers

Mossberg Injury law

Hanratty Law Group

Steven Karen

Les Stovall

Neil Shouse

You’re most likely not actually from Las Vegas, so you probably don’t realize that this list includes most of the “big guys” who are running all the TV and radio ads, or who dominate in search engine results. This is a problem that affects even the biggest of law firms when their PPC team isn’t taking the time needed for an attorney campaign.

Is showing up in searches for other jurisdictions against bar rules?

Ah, good ol’ rule 7.2.  From a basic reading of the rules, there’s nothing to say you can’t advertise your services outside your state(s).  You’re not doing anything wrong as long as you A.) Don’t seem to advertise as somebody else.  B.) Don’t actually take clients outside your state.  The real problem is you’re just wasting your money.

How much money?  It can be hundreds of dollars a week, depending on the size of your market and your budget.

How to check if your ads have this problem.

It’s easy.  Just search for your service and the name of a state or city you DON’T want to advertise for.  “bankruptcy attorney canada” or “real estate lawyer South Dakota.”  Do the search a few times. Did your ad show up? You have a problem.


Problem 2: Just One Ad Group

Even worse than these ads showing for the wrong keywords is the fact that some of them are showing the wrong service.  In my quick and dirty “personal injury lawyer kentucky” search, I also saw ads occasionally talking about the completely wrong practice area.  Here’s a great example:

Hurt in a car wreck? Get a divorce.

This happens when the person setting up the Adwords campaign doesn’t realize that you have to have separate ad groups for you different practice areas.  Ideally, you’ll have entirely separate campaigns with different budgets, keywords, etc.  After all, you don’t want your divorce ad cannibalizing your truck accident ad, do you?

Get it together, Las Vegas.

Problem 3: Timing and Budget Issues Leading To Bad Clicks.

For the little guy, getting GOOD clicks is essential, since every click costs money. Across the USA, it costs an average of $1600 in Adwords spend to get 1 new PI client. Some cities are more, some are less.  But you can vastly improve your odds by careful budgeting and watching the position of your ads.  The problem is, if your ads are only ever showing up in position 6, or on page 2, the only clicks you’re getting are from bots.  No human ever bothers to click the ads at the bottom of the page, much less page 2.

Too many PI ads are only showing up in bad positions.  That means wasted money on bad clicks.

I’m also seeing some attorneys run out of budget before the month is even over, so their ads just disappear for a few days.  Can you really afford to be out of the market for days at a time?

PROTIP:  This, of course, represents an opportunity for the little guys. If you notice the big firms running out of money every month around the 26th of the month, why not save some of your own cash and run your ads at a lower rate during the last week? Or really go after that top spot while the big guys are waiting for their budget to refresh? Your competitors mistakes may be your opportunity!

Problem 4: Bad Landing Pages.

While most of the Las Vegas attorneys I saw had really great landing pages, one or two were just unmitigated disasters.  WHY SPEND THE MONEY ON ADS IF THE CUSTOMER JUST GETS SCARED AWAY BY YOUR WEBSITE?  Building a good landing page is literally STEP 1 of online advertising.  Don’t just send them to your home page.  Don’t use a do-it-yourself website builder.  Get something nice that shows you know your stuff.

Obviously, if you need help, I would love to give you a hand.  If you’re doing it yourself, well… at least put your phone number in a spot that’s easy to find, ok?

How do you prevent this from happening?

Step 1: make sure you’re getting the following data & reports from your adwords company:

  1. Search Terms (tells you if people are wasting your money by searching for “Des Moines Bankruptcy Attorney” when you’re actually a “Salt Lake City Personal Injury Attorney.”) Is your PPC company only showing you how many clicks you got and fancy graphs, but no list of actual keywords people used to find you?  That’s a big red flag.
  2. Average Position of your Ads (tells you if your ad is showing up where people actually click it)
  3. Conversion report or Call Tracking (tells you if people are picking up the phone or just clicking away from your site)

Step 2: Make sure your adwords company actually lets you see their work. 

I’m talking about getting into the ad campaign itself.  If your PPC company doesn’t let you see the ads, dig through the data, and otherwise mess with your campaign, chances are they are hiding their cut-rate performance by keeping you out.

Step 3: Talk with your adwords management team about places you DON’T want to show up.

This is just as important as talking with them about where you DO want to show up.

You can get as granular as you want.  For an estate planning campaign, maybe you want to talk about specific zip codes you want to appear in and not appear in. Be specific and help your adwords team get you as targeted as possible.

Step 4: Insist on a custom landing page and tracking number for Every. Single. Ad Group.

Step 5. Use a trusted PPC manager… like, oh… Raptor Digital Marketing. 🙂



NOTE:  I did not click on anybody’s ad.  I would hate to waste their money.  I also called or emailed EVERY law firm listed above and let them know the problem.

Greg Hamblin is an online marketing professional specializing in attorney marketing.  He has won numerous awards for his web design work, including his creations being featured 4 times by the’s “Best Attorney Website” annual competition. He has managed millions of dollars in Adwords budgets, and managed the online marketing for law firms across the United States. 

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Helping in Houston

flood relief for houston

ong>When we found out some of Joseph’s friends in Houston were stranded in their homes, he had to help.

See Joseph featured on Fox 5 Vegas here:


On Monday evening Joseph arrived at the nearest working airport, picked up a Jeep and a boat from a friend, and made the drive to Houston.  He joined the caravan of relief workers, military, and concerned citizens pouring into the area to offer assistance.

The streets are still flooded, and many people have been trapped for over 48 hours. Some haven’t had any food in a full day.

At this point, Joseph is bringing food and water to the recently rescued, and picking up stranded individuals and families where possible.

If you want to help Joseph deliver water, we set up a GoFundMe campaign here:   Your donation will be used to buy water and food and used IMMEDIATELY to help somebody.  Any extra donations after Joseph has to leave the area to return home will be sent to the Red Cross or another reputable charity helping in Houston.

As always, thanks to our amazing clients who make everything possible.

We will keep this post updated periodically with photos and any updates on Joseph’s situation.

The road became a boat ramp. Some of the recent evacuees haven’t eaten in 24 hours.
On the road into Houston. Lots of rescue vehicles and military vehicles sharing the road.

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Should I Enter an SEO Description for my Blogs?

Hello. I recently started a blog, but didn’t use any SEO plugin. Now, I installed SEO and I am entering SEO descriptions and tag. Yet, i have about 35 posts (and total of 40) on my blog without any SEO configuration. Should I start entering meta description of those old post or forget all about them?

The purpose of meta tags is to describe your content. Search Engines of course pick up your title and description and use them as you main explanation of the page.

When you Should

If you like to write in a way that does not include an overview of your blog post or page for that matter in the first paragraph, I would suggest adding one. This will allow you to put a full overview in the 165 character description tag and tell searchers what the entire post is about.

Additionally, if you feel like your first paragraph does explain your post but is too long to give it justice in the meta description then by all means edit it.

When you Should Not

If your intro paragraph adequately describes the post content I would suggest not changing it. Search Engines hat manufactured content for ranking purposes only, so having some natural ones in there in my opinion will help quite a bit.

Even if you tell search bots what to index as your meta description there is still a very real chance your first paragraph will get picked up instead. We still have many service pages on our site that contain the first paragraph as our page description despite our repeated attempts to update it.

Play it safe and try to let your blog posts get naturally indexed with the content on the page. If you really feel like your first paragraph isn’t good enough then manually add the content through a plugin like Yoast. Just make sure you aren’t trying to keyword stuff your way to the top or it could be the quickest way you lose rankings on your site with search engines.