What is the character limit

experiencing this for one of my projects. I optimized the meta title and description to the optimal length, 65 characters for meta title and 156 characters for description. When I searched my keywords on Google I have seen that google added some extra texts to the end of the title tag. And there were a total 75 characters in the title tag. Some of my keywords ranks have fallen significantly after the update in the title tag. Don’t understand what’s going on.

So there are a lot of forums that talk about character limits in your title and description meta tags. The truth is that it isn’t actually a character limit as much as it is a pixel limit. You can technically add as much content as you want to your title and description but after a certain point Google will add the etc. three dots behind your content.

The stand answer is 65 characters for your title and 156 characters for your description. However since February of 2017 many users have seen an increase in the character limits for the title tag. You won’t get penalized for using too long of title tags but if Google thinks you need that much room to cover your topic it will probably only show you for keyword phrases using your entire title.

My suggestion would be to try and keep your title down to the 65 character limit even if Google allows for more. You are still going to need to focus on quality and nobody wants to read a lot before deciding if your content is worth the click. Keep it simple and to the point and don’t worry too much about how long everything is.