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Joseph Stevenson is a Charlotte SEO consultant. Any advice or work found from this site or through the blog should be checked with Joseph before implementing due to the rapid change of search engine algorithms and their effects on rankings.

What Exactly I Do

Doing everything makes you a jack of all trades, master of none.

I’m in the web development and SEO services business in Charlotte. I listen to a business owner’s needs, and then design a website that increases their traffic and sales by ensuring that when someone is looking for the company’s products and services, that company appears in the search results. I customize every site in order to get a business to be top of mind in their ideal customers’ minds. The simpler the better is my motto. I should tell you that I focus on SEO, rather than getting into other content marketing areas, such as social media, app development, etc. I have associates that excel in those areas that I can recommend to you. I like to concentrate on what I do best so I can do my best for you.
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My early years and how I got started.

Charlotte SEO
A little about my background… I grew up about two hours from Las Vegas in Golden Valley, Arizona. We actually moved to Golden Valley because of me. I had an unexplained illness when I was young and my parents thought that being in the desert, rather than living in a humid climate where mold often grows, was the best decision for my health, and the family.

Golden Valley is a small community; in fact, the closest public schools are half an hour away in Kingman, Arizona. As a result, I was homeschooled. At an early age, I studied many subjects that kids in public schools don’t get the chance to learn, like programming, for example. I loved it, and ended up learning many programming languages, like GW Basic. I remember well… A basic calculator was the first program I wrote myself.


Where my love of being a nerd came from.

My love for programming and my programming ability have grown through the years. After learning the basics, I turned my attention to writing more advanced programs, as well as designing computer games. You’ve seen those story games where the user can affect and interact with the programs to create different outcomes? I wrote one in my teens. The next step was experimenting with command prompts, going deep within the machine. As time went by, I began to shift my attention to business applications. Some of my first work was doing the code work for my friends’ businesses – on MySpace and other platforms.
In my early 20’s, I started making money from the web in my own right. I build my first website for a friend in 2007 after having many affiliate marketing and ad sites of my own. I launched Joseph Stevenson, a Las Vegas-based SEO company, soon after. You know, all of us in my family are techies. In addition to me, one brothers works at Adobe and the other brother works for BP. I realize that though programming is technical, it is creative too. That has been true from my earliest days. What’s important to me now is simply to serve each client the best I can, applying my skills, experience, and knowledge daily in taking their business to the next level of profitability.


I believe business should be earned, not expected.

Client testimonials are powerful. Many SEO companies in Charlotte, though, make claims they cannot prove. A quick look into how many clients are satisfied with a SEO firm’s work and willing to continue to pay for SEO services month after month, will tell you if a company is worth the money, or not. One thing I can tell you is that I give 100 percent to my clients and my work speaks for itself. Ask around.

If another SEO company in Charlotte wants to charge you large monthly fees or ask you to sign a long-term contract for a hefty sum before you verify their results, think again. I can’t tell you that I am the absolute best SEO firm in Charlotte. No one can. But, I can tell you that I am among the best. What you see is what you get. And, unlike others SEO firms, I won’t outsource your work to a cut-rate content firm. I keep my promises and know I need to earn your trust. I like it that way.

Charlotte SEO


If you don’t do things right, don’t do them at all.

Many SEO companies just go through the motions. They try and do something – anything – to your site as soon as possible to appear to be working. We take a different approach to SEO. We make sure we’ve building the backbone to support a long-term, proven SEO process that works. As SEO experts, we take the time to get it right the first time. You actually get real results for your money. Of course, our main aim is to get your site – and the pages on it – ranked as high as possible.

Here is the “recipe” I follow to get your website ranked #1 in major search engines, including Google:

1. Google and other major search engines are too sophisticated to be fooled. So, our first order of business is to make sure the content on your site is deserving of a high ranking. This often means re-working and improving your website copy. I’m not interested in quick tricks that don’t work long-term.

2. After tweaking your current web page copy, our attention turns to creating new copy that will get you noticed on the web. Sure, this takes some time, but you must know that search engines still “read” the words on your site and index your site according to the words used, so this step is absolutely crucial. Writing new blog posts, social media, press releases, etc. to appear on your site – and off your sites (with links back to your site) is what works.

We go through an approval prices with you, and once you give us the green light, we post the new content on your site and it gets distributed and picked up in many ways and in many places.

Well-written, strategic content results in multiple mentions on other sites and by other online publications and bloggers, giving you the attention and traffic that makes SEO an all-important element within your digital marketing plan.

3. The third step is all about consistency. Applying the same content process over and over again is what will keep your ranking moving higher – rather than allowing it to stagnant after the first wave of content. Be aware. Any reputable Charlotte SEO firm that knows what they’re doing will adhere to standard, legitimate methods like these to drive traffic to your website.

Charlotte SEO

I’m offer professional Charlotte SEO services; I’ve been developing and promoting websites for more than 12 years and achieving impressive results for clients across many different industries. Many of the companies and organizations that contact me actually do so because one or more of their associates can vouch for our good work. I believe Charlotte SEO is all about getting your website ranked higher in the search results than ever before – and keeping it that way. Better rankings, of course, translate to more sales.

Charlotte SEO is not easy anymore because you face a lot of competition and there’s so much “noise” on the web these days. Even so, excellent coding will go a long way to making sure your site gets noticed by the prospects you care about most. If you look at all the most important measures of a great SEO firm, I hope we can meet all the Charlotte SEO requirements you have.

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