Helping in Houston

ong>When we found out some of Joseph’s friends in Houston were stranded in their homes, he had to help.

See Joseph featured on Fox 5 Vegas here:


On Monday evening Joseph arrived at the nearest working airport, picked up a Jeep and a boat from a friend, and made the drive to Houston.  He joined the caravan of relief workers, military, and concerned citizens pouring into the area to offer assistance.

The streets are still flooded, and many people have been trapped for over 48 hours. Some haven’t had any food in a full day.

At this point, Joseph is bringing food and water to the recently rescued, and picking up stranded individuals and families where possible.

If you want to help Joseph deliver water, we set up a GoFundMe campaign here: https://www.gofundme.com/clean-water-for-texas   Your donation will be used to buy water and food and used IMMEDIATELY to help somebody.  Any extra donations after Joseph has to leave the area to return home will be sent to the Red Cross or another reputable charity helping in Houston.

As always, thanks to our amazing clients who make everything possible.

We will keep this post updated periodically with photos and any updates on Joseph’s situation.

The road became a boat ramp. Some of the recent evacuees haven’t eaten in 24 hours.
On the road into Houston. Lots of rescue vehicles and military vehicles sharing the road.