Las Vegas Website Design

Las Vegas Website Design

Raptor is a Las Vegas Website Design company. We have been building custom websites for over 15 years. Well before content management systems and squarespace or wix were a thing. 

We now build based on what our client’s style dictates and budget allows. Additionally we can create a custom website design specifically from current branding styles or create new ones.


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Las Vegas Website Design E11 MediaAt E11EVEN Media, our team of talented artists, are dedicated to delivering high quality creative services to our clients through every step of the production process. From conception to completion, we are committed to providing compelling multimedia solutions that capture, inspire and entertain. E11EVEN Media, offers video production, print and audiovisual advertising, photography, and graphic design all under one roof. Whether you need a broadcast commercial, highlight reel for your event, professional photo shoot, or a custom logo, E11EVEN Media will meet your needs while exceeding your expectations. We are stylish and laid back, yet professional and pride ourselves on keeping up with the latest trends in the constantly evolving fields of technology and media. We hold ourselves to a higher standard while working every day to provide our clients with visual excellence on time and on budget.
Las Vegas Website Design Hirschi MasonryHirschi Masonry is the premier masonry contractor in Nevada. We specialize in commercial masonry, residential masonry, structural CMU, retaining walls, block walls, rock walls, segmental retaining walls, stone veneer, brick veneers, wrought Iron, vinyl fencing and much more. We are motivated, ethical, and experienced – exceeding our client’s expectations through unparalleled performance, quality, and professionalism.
Las Vegas Website Design Truman OrthodonticsDr. Zachary B. Truman was driven to orthodontics by his love for helping others gain confidence in themselves. His passion for learning led him to St. Louis University, where he received his graduate training in orthodontics. Dr. Truman’s continuing involvement in several volunteer programs including the Boy Scouts of America, as well as professional affiliations with groups like the ADA and the AAO, allows him to donate his time in a fulfilling manner when he is not spending quality time with his wife and children. Dr. Truman is also fluent in Spanish. Dr. Truman annually continues his education to provide his patients with the latest technical advances and procedures including Invisalign® clinical training and experience. Dr. Truman is a preferred Invisalign® provider.
Las Vegas Website Design Lockdown RoomsAn escape room, also known as a “puzzle room” or “escape game”, is a live adventure game in which players solve a series of puzzles and riddles using clues, hints, and strategy to complete the objectives at hand. Players are given a set time limit to unveil the secret plot which is hidden within the rooms. Escape rooms are inspired by “escape-the-room”–style, live action video games. Games are set in a variety of fictional locations. At Lockdown, we offer more themes than any of our competitors. We currently have 18 themes with more coming soon! Some examples are prison cells, tombs, secret labs, and space stations. Usually, the various puzzles and riddles themselves follow the theme of the room.
Las Vegas Website Design Angela Rose HomeHi, I am Angela Rose, and my goal is to get people to STOP pinning and START DOING! Using fearless DIY and power tools, I love to transform my home and help you to do the same. I love to get inspiration from designer accounts, and then come up with ways to recreate that look in my house for a fraction of the cost. Whether it is knocking down a wall, painting, building a table, or sewing a pillow… I will learn and do whatever it takes to achieve my vision, and teach you all I know along the way (check out my Instagram account @angelarosehome for daily stories). I have been featured as: Dwell Magazine Top 10 Home Reno Accounts, Apartment Therapy Top Room Reno, and featured on, Real Simple,, Wayfair, and more.
Las Vegas Website Design
Indie Film FactoryThe Indie Film Factory is a Las Vegas green screen studio & video production company. We are dedicated to serving independent filmmakers, music video producers and corporate video clients. As one of the top video production companies in Las Vegas, we offer versatile and low cost solutions for our clients. Indie Film Factory specializes in a wide range of services including business profile videos, corporate videos for trade shows and marketing, video editing services and animated explainer videos. Our team is dedicated to positioning our clients for success by engineering strategies that make sense for budget and goals. We also host filmmaking workshops and lectures aimed at inspiring any creative to the next level.
Las Vegas Website Design Titan RoofingTitan Roofing has been serving the Las Vegas community for nearly 40 years, so we understand the level of commitment and quality that our clients expect. Our continuing goal is to keep meeting that expectation by providing quality materials, precise craftsmanship and responsive customer service. We have the experience to get the job done quickly, efficiently and cost effectively. We offer a fair price along with fair business practices. Our dedicated service department is there to answer all of your questions and assist you with your roofing concerns. In most cases, we’re able to give you an estimate the same day. We know that our reputation is the best marketing tool we have. From ‘tune-ups’ to complete roof replacements, we strive to be the Valley’s Preferred Roofing Contractor. Our terms are easy – we work for you, and we’re here to help! You can always expect the best with Titan Roofing.

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Joseph is the best. We are so happy to have him on our side. He is responsive, knowledgeable and great to work with. We would strongly recommend Joseph to anyone with website, SEO and adwords needs.
Molly Rosenblum
We have ranked from page 10 to page 1 now just after three month working with Raptor. Joseph is so knowledgeable and knows exactly what he is talking about ( unlike some other SEO companies out there)! If you are looking for a SEO company they are the way to go.
Maryam Kevah
Office Manager
Raptor is always extremely responsive, helpful and are very reasonable. They do great design and work. They have been great for our business!!
Kathryn Christensen
Office Manager



My web design career started about 17 years ago. Two of my older brothers were graduates in Computer Science and one had already launched a successful website with my sister. With some encouragement from family and inspiration from my siblings I started learning coding. 

In the beginning I was about as clueless as they come. I didn’t know where to start and believe it or not, there were not a lot of resources back then. 

I didn’t know how domains worked or what hosting even was. I had no idea how functionally a website had to be set up for the world to be able to view. After literally a month of searching around and trying to self educate I figured out you had to register a domain first, and then set up a host to store your site files on. Once I figured out how to connect the domain to the host the last piece was to figure out how to show something on my web page.

More searching around and I found you had to name the main file index. something usually html or php etc.

I can still remember the elation the first time I typed in (which was the first website I ever built) and a blank white screen came up that said “Hi Joseph” (the text I had put in my index.html page).

As time went on I learned by copying and pasting source code from other websites into my website files. I could mimic designs that way and teach myself by deleting out content and then refreshing the page. 

I learned all the basics of html that way and discovered along the way that you could use CSS to style everything without having to inline code all the colors, background images etc.

My First Website which was my first site was a bookmarking site. I wanted to be able to put all my favorite sites on a home screen to organize myself:

The biggest goal for me though was to open it up to others so they could create an account and add their own bookmarks. This seemed impossible at the time since I had no idea how to code into a site a user area.

It took me about a month to learn that you had to have a database to store user info, and then display the info from the database.

No joke though it took me 6 months of trial and error to figure out how to connect to a database and show the info from it. The first time I was able to finally show data from a database on my screen it made me cry. 

The initial joy from when I first showed “hello Joseph” on my screen was basically nothing compared to what I was feeling then.

After getting databased to work it wasn’t a big deal learning about sessions, security, logging in and out, adding content to databases as users etc.

Moving On

I did get bored with boungo though and moved on to creating a site that I could make money from. My initial site was It was a simple concept really. I would list 100 or so jobs that were work from home, then put ads from Google around hoping for sponsor clicks. 

At the time there were a lot of sites that could drive good traffic for a minimal cost so I would spend something like $500 a month on advertising but then get about $1,500 a month in ad revenue from Google. It worked out really well like this for about 3 years before websites raised their ad rates to be in-line with Google and it made it a zero sum game.

Getting Even Bigger

I had the itch at this point and wanted to build something more complex. I wasn’t quite ready to launch my Las Vegas Website Design company, but I did decide to dream a bit bigger and create a job search engine.

I called it Careerfield:

I had a few incarnations but the general idea was a lot like I created a crawler that would scrape the internet for jobs and add them to my database. Users could search based on job type, location or keyword to find matching jobs, and then I would send them over to the destination job page.

It was a simple enough concept and we ended up in the first year getting close to 50,000 hits per day on some of our busier days. 

Much like my previous attempt though, the glory only lasted so long before traffic sources dried up and started charging for listings etc. on their sites.

Getting to Raptor

It was at this time that I realized I needed to first learn to master traffic sources instead of trying to only master website design without driving actual traffic to my sites. 

Employed-Online, Boungo and Careerfield have been gone now for years but the lessons I learned in my early years of web dev have stuck with me.

Besides being self taught I also attended UNLV getting a BS in MIS. The core classes weren’t fun for me but I loved all the coding and database classes. I seemed to excel at those without even trying which was a nice break after probability and statistics. 

After the initial sites I started doing development on my own, with a partner and then back on my own again. I finally settled on Raptor as my brand and haven’t looked backs since!

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