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Little Book Keyword Research Ch2

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Please read below to find the end of chapter resources from The Little Book on Digital Marketing (Keyword Research). Comment below with any relevant experiences or additional citations that would be useful to other readers. Please no spam.

End of Chapter Challenge


This end of chapter challenge will require you to act out what you’ve learned so far. First, write down your business or business idea. No worries if you don’t have one, just go online and type in “easy business ideas.” This is just a challenge not a commitment to a new business.


Business Idea _____________________________


Next, identify three places where potential customers spend their time. If you go with the tennis lesson idea you could write down the gym, tennis club, or an online tennis blog.


Place 1 ____________________________________


Place 2 ____________________________________


Place 3 ____________________________________


Write down what activity is happening at each location the majority of the time. The gym would probably be working out; the tennis club would probably be playing tennis, etc.


Place 1 Activity ___________________________


Place 2 Activity ___________________________


Place 3 Activity ___________________________


Now identify what keywords would work with each activity. If place number one is the gym where people are working out, then the keywords might be “local tennis gyms,” or, “tennis gym,” and so on. Any keywords that are related to that activity or place will work. Again, we’re trying to target people in the places they will be — or will be searching for.


Don’t worry about whether anyone searches for the keywords you write down. In the next chapter, we will use volume tools to check the validity of the keywords. The important thing is to have a list that focuses on fishing for new clients and sales, not the hunting method.




[1] Kingman Arizona https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kingman,_Arizona


[2] Tim Ferris, Four Hour Work Week


[3] Adwords http://google.com/adwords


[4] Ryan Pinkham https://blogs.constantcontact.com/how-customers-find-business/

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