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Little Book Keyword Research Ch4

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Please read below to find the end of chapter resources from The Little Book on Digital Marketing (Keyword Research). Comment below with any relevant experiences or additional citations that would be useful to other readers. Please no spam.

End of Chapter Challenge


This end of chapter challenge will piggyback the last chapter challenge. Enter  the final keyword you selected based on volume from the last chapter:


Keyword __________________________________

Next using the Ahrefs Keyword Explorer [1] again, check the KD for the keyword you choose and enter it below:


Keyword Difficulty ________________________


If the KD is over 20, look through keyword suggestions and pick 3 other keywords to target based on the relevance of your site to the keyword (we’ll talk more about in the next chapter), the volume of the keyword, and the difficulty (preferably under 20 to start). List the three keywords below that meet your criteria. These will be the target keywords to start with.


If your keyword is less than 20, look for  related keywords that are also under 20, so you can have multiple keywords to target in upcoming chapters.


Keyword 1 _____________________ KD _______


Keyword 2 _____________________ KD _______


Keyword 3 _____________________ KD _______




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[3] John Rampton, Forbes, How to  Increase Page Authority https://www.forbes.com/sites/johnrampton/2016/10/24/how-to-increase-page-authority/#68f48e143477


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