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Little Book Keyword Research Ch5

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Please read below to find the end of chapter resources from The Little Book on Digital Marketing (Keyword Research). Comment below with any relevant experiences or additional citations that would be useful to other readers. Please no spam.

End of Chapter Challenge


This end of chapter challenge is meant to stretch you outside any myopic tendencies you’re having towards your own content and media. It is natural to assume we are doing things right, but usually a nice dose of constructive criticism can go a long way.


Without doing any edits, pick something from your business or organization that you’ve been trying to promote. This could be a YouTube video, a website, pictures, a social

media profile, etc.
Write below what the content is; i.e. Facebook Page, Website, etc.


Content __________________________________


Now without looking at the content or media, write down the intended topic that you wanted to market or target.


Topic _____________________________________


Now write down your intended audience. This could be anyone, and if you hadn’t picked an audience, do it now. If you are an educator, then students are your audience. Be as detailed as possible. Don’t just put students but 3rd grade students.


Audience _________________________________


Choose a trusted friend, preferably someone with the skills to evaluate your content or media. Ask them to answer the same questions. Have them be as detailed as possible. The idea is to find out what they

think the content or media is about and whom it is intended for. Do this with three

different people to get their opinion. Use this as practice to determine how well you’re targeting keywords and how relevant your keywords in relation to the media and content. Don’t explain to them what you are doing since the key is to get a fresh perspective on your content.


Friend #1’s Analysis


Topic _____________________________________


Audience _________________________________


Friend #2’s Analysis


Topic _____________________________________


Audience _________________________________


Friend #3’s Analysis


Topic _____________________________________


Audience _________________________________




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