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End of Chapter Challenge


This end of chapter challenge will pit keywords against each other. The idea is to determine which would work better.


Both may not be a good fit but this should get you in the right mindset for making these decisions.


Write your audience below. This could be students looking for schools, or moms looking for two-year-old jumpsuits. Whatever it is, try to be as specific as you can.


Audience _________________________________


Next, using Google [6], search for broad keywords that fit your industry. For instance, if you choose students looking for schools it might be a keyword like “best universities” or “best schools on the west coast.”


Write down the top three results in Google

and what the pages were intended to have the user do:


Result ____________________________________

Intent ____________________________________


Result ____________________________________

Intent ____________________________________


Result ____________________________________

Intent ____________________________________


These results should be your broad match keyword competition. You should be able to see quickly if the results are too broad or if the users finding those pages would also be interested in what you have.


If you want to compete through SEO, take note of any advertising available on those pages or how competitive the domains are.


Do the same for phrase match keywords by picking an exact match keyword, and then researching through Ahrefs [7] any related keywords that would make up your phrase match keywords.


Once you have found keywords that would fall under phrase match do the same exercise with Google to see top results.



Result ____________________________________

Intent ____________________________________



Result ____________________________________

Intent ____________________________________



Result ____________________________________

Intent ____________________________________


Compare each result to determine which audience would be most likely to purchase from you.


Assuming both are good audiences, plan on a five percent (5%) traffic conversion for each one. Calculate the total number of visitors using Ahrefs keyword explorer [8] and multiply by .05.


Depending the cost to target keywords in each area, you should be able to determine

which keyword type is right for your business.




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