How Long Does it Take Google

website has a decent amount of backlinks – over 50. At least a dozen or so are very trustworthy links with a high-ranking page authority. Moz is only recognizing about a dozen of them, leaving off some of what should be the highest-ranking backlinks. How long does it take Google to recognize all the links pointing towards your site? Doesn’t seem like it’s happening or we’d get a lot more search traffic. Is this a typical issue people in SEO face?

Backlinks as you probably know are very helpful in telling search engines what your site is about and in essence giving it a vote up. If you have backlinks coming in from multiple related websites that have a decent authority, the chances are you will rank pretty well.

There are also a lot of tools out there to help you see which sites are linking to you. I almost never find a tool that has every link built indexed in it but I have found by using multiple tools I can get a better idea of which sites have the links and which ones don’t.


In order my favorite tools to see when links are indexed can be found below:

Google Search Console: Once your site is verified you can see what sites are linking in. Some are helpful and others aren’t. I use this one first to see what the total links are and if we should disavow any of the bad ones.

Ahrefs: Ahrefs does a completely separate crawl from Google which is helpful to get sort of a second opinion on what links are coming in. I use them to track my backlinks and backlinks of competitors.

SEM Rush: I use these guys for reporting mostly but they have a nice backlink detector that tells me how things are going as well. They are a little pricey but their reporting is very nice.

In the end if you have links coming in, they will only count if they are sites that Google crawls regularly. You may be able to get links easily from some sites but chances are they won’t hold a lot of authority like the much more difficult to come by links. Play it safe and create good content that others will want to index naturally on their sites creating backlinks that will get picked up over time.