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Joseph Stevenson is a Los Angeles SEO consultant. Any advice or work found from this site or through the blog should be checked with Joseph before implementing due to the rapid change of search engine algorithms and their effects on rankings.

What Exactly I Do

Doing everything makes you a jack of all trades, master of none.

I’m a Los Angeles expert who specializes in creating attractive, effective sites and optimizing them with SEO. Basically, you come to me with an idea for a website. I make it happen, then make sure people see the site. It’s an important step that people often overlook, but what’s the use of having an awesome site if your clients can’t find it? I got started in programming as a child, but found that limiting myself to websites and SEO leaves me with more family time. Rather than doing many things decent, I do one thing exceedingly well: SEO.

That being said, if you need help in another digital marketing area – such as email marketing or app development – I know many good companies that specialize in those areas that I can connect you with – no problem. SEO is really all about focus… about developing leads on the web, and converting prospects into customers.

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My early years and how I got started.

Los Angeles SEO
As a child I lived in Golden Valley, Arizona, about two hours outside of Las Vegas. We moved there because all of the humidity in Washington State didn’t agree with my body. My parents wanted to get me out of the dampness and rain, and into dry air country. I was home schooled with my brothers since Kingman, the largest town in the area, was an hour away by car, or bus. There were no public schools anywhere close to us.

My homeschooling paid off big for me, especially in giving me an early start in programming. I learned the same subjects most elementary school kids learn, but my parents also shared their love for and knowledge of programming with me. I was coding at 12, believe it or not, and soon after I designed my first computer program. It was a simple calculator. I was not calculating, though, just what a significant role these experiences would have on my life.


Where my love of being a nerd came from.

It turns out my skills as a programmer didn’t stop after my 12 year old breakthrough, and I began working with video games and more complex programs. The first game I created was one that had the player perform a series of commands as they went through the events of the story. I also did some digging into the code of other games, trying to find hidden secrets and codes in the directories. After my gaming phase, I expanded into websites, programming pages for friends on platforms like MySpace. Then, breaking from this type of work for awhile, I returned to programming, this time running affiliate sites that generated revenue through advertising and referral offers.
While I was doing this, I was asked by nearly all of my friends to build sites for them after seeing what I was developing for myself. So, much to their approval, I started accepting projects for clients in 2007. Soon after, I decided to launch Joseph Stevenson (a Los Angeles SEO Firm). Though it was nice to break out in the tech industry, it does run in the family. Two of my brothers also work in the technology field, for BP and Adobe. As one of the top Los Angeles SEO companies, you can count on me to stick to the basics… and to work smart, delivering the best SEO results possible based on my extensive experience –and my drive.


I believe business should be earned, not expected.

I stand by the fact that business has to be earned. One cannot just expect clients to fall into your lap. Especially in this business, I find that other Los Angeles SEO companies try to corner customers, requiring that they sign yearly plans. And then when the client has signed on the dotted line, these firms farm out the repetitive SEO tasks to less-experienced, often untrained contractors. More often than not, clients the quality of work they thought they were buying in the first place. I’ve seen it firsthand. Long ago, I decided that if I accepted a project, it would stay in-house.

When looking at a Los Angeles SEO company that claims to be the best, (my site included), the most effective way to determine whether or not to hire that company is to fact check their claims. If they have happy customers, and good-looking sites, then usually that particular company would make a good choice. This is what I would invite you to do with my work, and any other SEO company in Los Angeles you’re considering. The proof is on the web that I can deliver what I’m promising.

Los Angeles SEO


If you don’t do things right, don’t do them at all.

SEO companies typically try to move through clients quickly, focusing on the amount of work they turn over instead of making sure they’re actually accomplishing what their client hired them to do. This usually involves the creation of a few blog posts and posting some links. They tell you that’s all you need. I don’t operate like that, and instead focus on delivering high-quality SEO instead of bulk amounts of low-quality SEO content. A reputable SEO company will make sure you get value, which in this case is website ranking. Here is the 3-step SEO process my company uses:

1. Make sure your site deserves a high ranking. – I don’t try to trick Google into ranking your site higher. What I do is look through the content myself to make sure it’s high quality. If it’s not there yet, then we re-write the site and adjust it until it’s worthy of a higher rank.

2. When the existing content on your site is ready, we begin creating new content. – This is often the most timeconsuming part of the project, but also incredibly important. Some examples of content are blog posts, social media posts, press releases, and other similar channels. The SEO will not work without regular updates, which is what we’ll be doing with this content.

3. Repeat often for maximum effect. When your content is regularly picked up by other sites and publications on the web, that’s what will increase your website ranking. If other Los Angeles SEO companies are trying to sell a different approach, then what they’re doing is trying to use web copy to trick the search engines into higher rankings instead of creating content to drive site traffic. Any solid SEO company in Los Angeles will use the content method as opposed to shortcuts, as those are temporary and won’t garner lasting results.

Los Angeles SEO

I’ve spent 12+ years specializing in Los Angeles SEO with terrific results. Chances are, if you found this site without a referral, it’s a direct result of the careful, strategic SEO work I do.

Los Angeles SEO is a difficult but rewarding job because in order to increase site ranking it takes know-how, along with many tasks – performed on a regular schedule, week after week. Of all of the Los Angeles SEO companies available to entrepreneurs in the Los Angeles area, Joseph Stevenson SEO Consulting stands out as your best choice. Count on us… We’re accessible and always ready to talk about your project.

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