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Joseph Stevenson is a Mesa SEO consultant. Any advice or work found from this site or through the blog should be checked with Joseph before implementing due to the rapid change of search engine algorithms and their effects on rankings.

What Exactly I Do

Doing everything makes you a jack of all trades, master of none.

I’m a SEO expert in the Mesa, Arizona area – and I love what I do. Many people have heard about SEO; some people have explored how it works a bit, but only the best SEO firms like my own, can get results for their clients consistently. I should mention that when I take on tasks, I’m super-focused. Building well-working websites and driving traffic to these sites is my forte. My main objective is to get your company’s website to the top of the rankings, and keep it there.

I also want to be upfront in letting you know that I can refer to specialists for other digital marketing tasks like email marketing or developing an app for your firm, but that’s not my concentration. I focus only on what contributes to your rank on Google, and other major search engines.

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My early years and how I got started.

Mesa SEO
I moved to Arizona when I was young… to a little town 30 minutes from Kingman. You may know it. It’s called Golden Valley. (I figure it’s about two hours from Las Vegas.) We had moved there because the weather where we lived before – Washington State – was too humid for my health. I needed a drier climate like Arizona’s and I got it!

As I mentioned, Golden Valley is not big. In fact, it doesn’t even have public schools, so instead of busing my brothers and I thirty minutes to Kingman each way, my parents said, “We’re going to try our hand at homeschooling you kids.” Not only did they teach us the basics, but they gave me an early gift in life: they taught me how to program on a computer before I reached my teens. I was learning GW Basic and other programming languages, and by the time I was twelve, I’d master the process enough to design a simple calculator, the first program of my own.


Where my love of being a nerd came from.

As I progressed in programming, I began to “take apart” the computer games I was playing, and began writing more advanced computer programs of my own – like story games and adventure games where the characters get to change the game based on their decisions along the way. My favorite activity was going into the code and looking for the shortcuts and “secrets.” As the web emerged for business, I spent most of my time learning about software and various platforms and helping my friends. I customized MySpace pages for them in the early days, and then turned to building some affiliate marketing sites of my own that did well.
Some of my other friends and acquaintances starting asking me to build sites for them… and soon I was off to the races! In 2007, under what would become as Joseph Stevenson (a Mesa SEO Firm), I officially became an entrepreneur and accepted my first paying website client. When Yahoo, Google, and other search engines came onto the web scene I really started to check them out. I studied how they operated just like I used to study those computer games. I taught myself the SEO techniques and process necessary to take a site to the top of the rankings. Now that I’m in the running against other SEO companies here in the Mesa, Arizona area, I’m confident in my ability to do right by my clients.


I believe business should be earned, not expected.

I’ve heard it said that trust is about finding people who will build with you rather than take from you. And that’s what I do for my SEO clients. I build them websites, I build their influence, and I build their search engine rankings. I don’t demand their trust and respect; I know I have to earn it day in and day out. Frankly, the approach of many of the other SEO companies in Mesa is that they take your money and then turn around and take much of the real work to a sub-par firm of which you are not even aware. They place their own needs and back account above yours. True story: I have even had some of these Mesa firms come to me to do the “heavy lifting” so they could look good in front of their new client.

Many of the other Mesa SEO companies will insist they are the best. In that respect, I guess we are alike! But, I have the client successes – and the trust of my clients – that demonstrates the superiority of the SEO services I deliver personally. So, as you’re searching for a firm that can increase your rankings, look for a firm that works hard and smart. Take a look at some of their sites. Look at their rankings. See if they are actually increasing sales for their clients.

Mesa SEO


If you don’t do things right, don’t do them at all.

Quality over quality has always been my motto. In SEO, I don’t rush things unlike some of the other Mesa SEO companies that barrel through the work for you early on and then tell you that the back links and the mediocre content they posted on your behalf is enough to raise your ranking. My goal is to do your SEO right the first time and build the framework in the beginning for growing your traffic and ranking over time. As fellow business owners, I will ensure that you get value for the money you spend with me for SEO.

A professional SEO company won’t try and “trick” Google, Besides, it can’t be done in the long-run.

There are three steps in my proven SEO method”

1. First of all, we do a thorough assessment of where your website stands now. Is the code clean? Is there enough quality copy? Have you established a sales funnel process on your site? Since we’re going to be bringing more visitors to you site, we make the changes necessary to impress them when they arrive. We want to give them reasons for returning again.

2. Secondly, we create top-quality copy that will get your site notice. This is shareable copy that we place on your site (i.e., blog articles), as well as copy that we post and distribute off your site (i.e., press releases and social media posts). We want to get as many mentions and pickups by other publications and other sites that all of this well-placed copy starts to help raise your rankings.

3. Lastly, we repeat the second step many times. Consistency is key. Creating and posting content that relates to your ideal customer build credibility. The increased rankings get more of these valuable leads to your website “door.”

If any company suggests a process other than this, they just aren’t being straight with you.

In summary, what it boils down to is this: better SEO means more website visitors, more leads, and more sales.

Mesa SEO

The business owners I know who have taken the time to actually compare Joseph Stevenson Mesa SEO Consulting to the other Mesa SEO firms, say it’s no contest. A look at the results is the only look they need.

Unless someone referred you to my company, the very fact that you are on this page is a testament to my SEO ability. It takes hard work to do Mesa SEO the right way, but my job’s rewarding. I get a thrill every time another client rises to #1.

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I won’t bite or annoy you with sales guys.

I appreciate you reaching out to me. If you are trying to sell something please do so through the right channel. The same goes for accounting, legal etc. Remeber Fonzie? Cool let’s be like him and keep things cool by not spamming me to death OK?

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