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Joseph Stevenson is a Nashville SEO consultant. Any advice or work found from this site or through the blog should be checked with Joseph before implementing due to the rapid change of search engine algorithms and their effects on rankings.

What Exactly I Do

Doing everything makes you a jack of all trades, master of none.

I’d like to share… I’m an experienced, motivated SEO expert serving the Nashville, Tennessee area. I build websites and ensure that my client’s search terms show up when prospects start looking for that type of business – whether it’s on a PC or a mobile device. I believe that simplicity is the best way to approach business. To keep things clear and uncomplicated. That’s my personal style and it shows in the techniques I use to get your web properties ranked higher. I want you to know that I really just handle web site development and SEO, not app building, emails, or social media. I have reputable firms I partner with, though, if you need a referral.
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My early years and how I got started.

Nashville SEO
In retrospect, as I look back, I see my early life and what I learned affects me to this very day. My childhood was spent in the Golden Valley, Arizona area. That’s a couple hours driving distance from Las Vegas, and a little less than half an hour from Kingman. My parents actually moved me and my two brothers there from Washington State when I was a toddler because of my undiagnosed condition. They thought the dry climate would be better than rain and humidity for me.

The fact that Golden Valley is remote also was the reason I was home schooled. – and the reason I was gifted with the opportunity to learn how to program while still in elementary and middle school. Wow! That shaped my life, for sure! I learned GW Basic and other programming languages, built a simple calculator as my first program at the age of 12, and fell in love with being able to manipulate code the way I wanted. That’s a thrill I still get today.


Where my love of being a nerd came from.

I continued to develop my code breaking skills when I was old enough to get swept up in the video game craze. I would use the things I learned as a child to dig through the code of games to try and find secrets, and even made a few games myself! After that, I started helping my friends design their MySpace pages, and learned a bit about coding web pages.
The first time I really put those skills to use though, is when I took on my first client in 2007. At that point, I had several sites of my own going, and felt it was time to use my skills to help others.

After the official launch of Joseph Stevenson, which was my starting point in working with Nashville SEO, and to this day, I still use my childhood skills for programming websites and SEO optimization.


I believe business should be earned, not expected.

I’ve been in this business basically all of my adult life. I’ve always held trust between clients and agencies in high regard, which sometimes isn’t the case with other Nashville SEO companies. I’ve seen business practices where agencies outsource client work without telling clients, short cut projects, and basically just take advantage of people.

Pretty much every Nashville SEO company will explain why they’re the best at what they do, and there’s certainly nothing wrong with that. I’d say my advantage over other companies is my track record and transparency. To tell if a company is legitimate in the SEO business, you should look for yourself at completed projects that they’ve done, as well as call a few current clients. Check out both their SEO work and their website design. Basically, look at their success rate. I would put my company through that test any day of the week, as I pride myself on the high-quality work I’ve become known for.

Nashville SEO


If you don’t do things right, don’t do them at all.

The reason I mentioned looking at the track records of Nashville SEO firms, is that there are a lot of Nashville SEO companies out there that jeopardize their clients with low quality content that does not have the lasting impact like the SEO work I do. Rather than merely creating a few blogs and links, I help restructure your site and get it to the point where it deserves a high-rank. Then, I do what it takes…

Here’s how:

1. Review your existing site: Here we look at the design, coding, and web copy. We make adjustments as needed, and get it ready for additional content.

2. Create great content: Mentions, click-throughs, and increased site traffic is what drives a site up in search engine rankings. We accomplish this by creating and posting high-quality content so that people visit your site the first time, and return regularly.

3. Repeat: We continue this until your site is at the level you’d like it to be.

Other top-notch Nashville SEO firms will tell you the same thing. Using proven methods of increasing ranking on search engines is the only way to go. You’ll hear about the shortcut methods out there, and some companies will try to sell you on these methods, but I would encourage you to stick with our content method. It builds your company image as well as your ranking, and gives you a site you’re proud to own.

Nashville SEO

So for about twelve years now I’ve been working in Nashville SEO. I offer Nashville business owners a SEO system that works. I consider my clients my partners and take steps to ensure they feel the same way.

By combining hard work with strong website development skills, I’ve been able to distinguish myself as one of the best Nashville SEO firms. Take a look for yourself. If you found the page you’re reading now through a search engine… there’s a reason for that.

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I won’t bite or annoy you with sales guys.

I appreciate you reaching out to me. If you are trying to sell something please do so through the right channel. The same goes for accounting, legal etc. Remeber Fonzie? Cool let’s be like him and keep things cool by not spamming me to death OK?

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