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Joseph Stevenson is a New Orleans SEO consultant. Any advice or work found from this site or through the blog should be checked with Joseph before implementing due to the rapid change of search engine algorithms and their effects on rankings.

What Exactly I Do

Doing everything makes you a jack of all trades, master of none.

New Orleans is rebuilding. Business is returning. As a New Orleans, Louisiana business you need to hire the best to help you get to the top of the search engines. Why is this important? Because 90 percent of all business leads (and thus sales) on the web come from one of the major search engines – with Google leading the way. Effective SEO takes time. And it takes talent to get you a good return on your investment. Be aware that SEO is my specialty – my only specialty. I’ve been at it for 12 years and I have the client results to show for it.
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My early years and how I got started.

New Orleans SEO
Looking back at my childhood, I realize how blessed I am to have had two parents who loved programming. My story begins when I was very small living in Washington State. My parents were concerned because I was getting sick a lot. The doctors blamed it on the weather, on the fact that it appeared that I didn’t do well in a humid, wet climate.

So, we relocated, making out home in Golden Valley, Arizona, about two hours from Las Vegas, and 30 minutes to Kingman. The dry climate fixed my health issues, but there was another dilemma. The closest school was in Kingman and my parents didn’t want us to commute back and forth 30 minutes each way, Monday – Friday. Homeschooling was the answer. And, because of this, I learned to program computers before I was twelve, getting a good handle on GW Basic and a host of other programming languages in elementary school. My future profession in the technology field was already in the making!


Where my love of being a nerd came from.

In my teens, I continued to hone my programming skills in whatever way possible. I was teaching muself through exploration, and I loved it! Those computer games that all kids play… well I lloked at the inside of them, finding the secret “codes,” examining how the directories and command prompts worked. And then, turning to the web, early on when MySoace was a big thing, I help some of my friends perfect their MySpace pages. There were learning opportunities everywhere. Soon, in my early twenties, I had turned completely to the web, creating some affiliate marketing sites of my own that in fact made some money for me.
Other people started noticing my work and asking me to build websites for them. So, in 2007, I opened what would become Joseph Stevenson (a New Orleans SEO Firm), and I got the pleasure of serving my first paying client. You know, all of my family it seems ended up in technology. My two brothers work at Adobe and BP while I decided on the life of an entrepreneur. Through it all, I always make my aim to great great results on the search engines for my clients. I keep a close watch on their site and take action. I treat your site as if it were my own and don’t waste your money.


I believe business should be earned, not expected.

As compared with the other SEO firms in New Orleans, I work hard to keep you satisfied… to keep earning your business. You see, based on my 12 years in the business, I don’t see trust as soemthing that is given. I see it as something that is earned. And, not overnight. I’m good with this. Many of the oher SEO firms in New Orleans are just trying to make a buck off of their clients. They often require long-term contracts and as soon as your fee hits their bank account, they are scouting another cheaer firm to do most of the important, and time-consuming, SEO work. You’re funding a kiddleman and you you don’t even know it. I think the opposite approach; I’m transparent in all of the decisions and processes.

You can depend on me to do the job right the first time and lay the groundwork for building a SEO program that will get results… and will last over time. Many New Orleans SEO companies are impatient in getting you hugher on the sesarch engines. Instead of perfecting a system to build traffic on the web using the serach engines to do the work, they have perfected the art of posting great quantities of copy on your site and getting some back links for you, and when an early (temporary) i=surge in the search engines appear (as it often does), they call it done.

New Orleans SEO


If you don’t do things right, don’t do them at all.

With quite a few of the other SEO firms in our area, the focus is on quantity, not quality. I feel that’s no way to develop trust and it’s no way to run a business. My proven SEO process takes a while longer, but it works and the ressults you see are sustainable. You’re building your business for the long haul; your SEO should be approached that way as well. I prefer tried and true methods. I prefer making sure my clients are getting traction from the actions we take to bolster their website traffic – and overall sales numbers. Here’s the 3-step process I use:

1. Do an audit of your current site to get it in good shape for all of the additional traffic that I’ll be sending your way. This might take some re-coding and cleaning up some copy. And, we want to ensure your sales funnel is working properly.

2. Create regular top-quality content to place on your site (blogs) and off your site (soxial media posts, press releases, etc.) to get information about your company circulating… and being picked up and published as many prominent places as possible. This sets the SEO ball in motion.

3. We’ll keep the pball rolling by being super disciplined about posting great content on a regular schedule. Fresh information that top-quality is what the serach engines like to see. It’s what will raise your serach engines rankings over time.

There are no shortcuts. Any firm that tells you otherwise is not being honest witb you. Consistently is what works.

New Orleans SEO

So, you have a choice. You always have a choice. Go with a traditional New Orleans SEO process that works, one that’s innovative as well. Or, allow someone to play with your website rankings by applying a lot of short-term quick fixes. After 12 years in the New Orleans SEO business I know what to expect. I know what it takes.

I ask you to consider… How is it that you’re reading this page now? Most likely, unless someone told you our company name, you got here because of the sweat I put in on my own New Orleans SEO. You owe it to your firm to talk with us at Joseph Stevenson SEO Consulting in New Orleans. It will be an enlightening, honest discussion, no doubt! Thanks for your time.

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