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Joseph Stevenson is a Riverside SEO consultant. Any advice or work found from this site or through the blog should be checked with Joseph before implementing due to the rapid change of search engine algorithms and their effects on rankings.

What Exactly I Do

Doing everything makes you a jack of all trades, master of none.

I’ve taken this philosophy to heart, and decided to focus my programming skill set towards mastering Riverside, California SEO and web development. I create sites from scratch, or modify existing ones, and make sure they get noticed by implementing solid SEO and programming techniques for business owners in Riverside. Though I’ve decided to specialize in this particular area of programming, I do work with others in the tech industry and draw on their expertise and skills when needs arise for app development, email marketing campaigns, and other useful internet-based disciplines when a particular project requires it.
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My early years and how I got started.

Riverside SEO
When I was young, we lived out in the desert in Golden Valley, Arizona, about two hours from Las Vegas. The closest elementary school was in Kingman, 30 minutes a way, so my parents home schooled us. I really did get hooked on programming quite early, as being home schooled allowed me a lot of time to tinker with our computer. I also had a lot of interaction with my brothers growing up. Like me, they ended up in the tech industry, one at BP and the other at Adobe.

My favorite pastime was learning about different programming languages, like GW Basic, and learning how to code programs and commands. My studies came to a head when I was 12, after I created my first computer program from scratch using what I had learned.


Where my love of being a nerd came from.

Though I started with simple programs, embracing my “inner nerd” allowed me to expand my programming skills into other areas. Like many boys my age, I got really into computer games for a time. The difference was because of my knowledge of computer code and programming, I was able to look at the “guts” of the computer games I enjoyed playing, searching for secret codes and hidden messages. I took my first stab at Internet programming when social media started becoming popular, helping my friends with their MySpace pages. It was after my childhood, however, that I really started directing the talent I had acquired into monetary gain. At 20, I took my first step when I created a number of affiliate marketing sites of my own.
It soon became clear to me that I could create good-looking, hard-working websites from scratch using what I had learned, and I took on my first official client in 2007. After completing that project, I decided to launch my Riverside SEO company, Joseph Stevenson SEO Consulting. I had found a professional outlet for all of my programming skills! To this day, I still offer high-quality SEO for my Riverside clients – while maintaining an entrepreneurial attitude and focusing on my client interactions and principles over pure profitability.


I believe business should be earned, not expected.

Of the many SEO firms in the Riverside, California area, I work to hardest to earn your business. I’ve learned that trust must be nurtured over time; it comes about by being able to count on someone to keep their word and to do what you have agreed. When you hire a SEO firm, you want to be aware of what they are doing on your company’s behalf and get frequent updates. Once they sign with you, this should begin.

But many of the Riverside SEO companies aren’t in the SEO business to do your work, but to outsource your work to make an extra buck. As soon as you sign that long term contract they insist on, they’ll be looking for another cheaper SEO or content company they can unload the bulk of your work to –and that will not be disclosed.

Riverside SEO


If you don’t do things right, don’t do them at all.

At Joseph Stevenson SEO, we keep things transparent. We provide quality work (that we perform for you) on a regular schedule all geared to your specific marketing and sales objectives. We know whether we are doing right by you. It’s our integrity that’s on the line otherwise. We believe that the good that one gives is what one receives, and vice versa. It’s to our mutual benefit for us to move forward together.

Here is our 3-step process that works in getting you to #1 on Google and other major search engines.

1. Assess your current site and improve it before we start sending more visitors your way’

2. Create high-quality, strategic content that gets picked up and mentioned all over the web. In turn, the search engines will start picking up this content and “serving it out” to more of the people who are looking for your particular products and services.

3. Constantly repeat Step #2 to sustain your high rankings.

If another company suggests a SEO process that’s much different, be on guard. I recommend that you ask these questions of all SEO firms: “Exactly how will you handle my SEO? What will you do specifically in what order to achieve results? What exactly will success look like?”

Riverside SEO

You now see why the practice of trying to shortcut the Riverside SEO process (which many of the other SEO firms in Riverside engage in), greatly harms your position. We will not try and shortcut the Riverside SEO process, like these firms. What you receive will always be thoughtful, easy-to-share content that serves a particular purpose, not a lot of meaningless content thrown out on the web on Day One to manufacture a temporary increase in your rankings.

At Joseph Stevenson Riverside SEO Consulting, we deliver on our promises. We look forward to discussing your SEO needs soon. (P.S. Unless you already knew the name of my firm, the fact that you’re reading this now speaks to the quality and effectiveness of our SEO process.)

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I won’t bite or annoy you with sales guys.

I appreciate you reaching out to me. If you are trying to sell something please do so through the right channel. The same goes for accounting, legal etc. Remeber Fonzie? Cool let’s be like him and keep things cool by not spamming me to death OK?

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