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How to Decide what you’ll “take” from Clients

If you’ve been in business for any amount of time you aren’t foreign to clients who ask too much of you. Sometimes the client knowingly does this and other times they don’t actually know how much they are asking. Two scenarios: Client 1 hires in my case to build a website. They go through the design approval process and most of the website build-out. They are trying to set up email for their business on their own and getting frustrated. They call and ask you to help them fix it and even though it’s not in the scope or evenContinue readingHow to Decide what you’ll “take” from Clients

Understanding Marketing

Marketing as we know it consists of putting our businesses out in front of potential customers. We promise them a product or service that meets their wants or needs and then hope they say “yes” at purchase time. It’s a pretty simple but also complex thing. With how saturated every single market is at this point in time we can only wonder how to keep competing. In the marketing industry itself Raptor now has to compete with both competent and incompetent marketing agencies that seem to pop up overnight. Location doesn’t matter so much anymore making it even more complicated.Continue readingUnderstanding Marketing

Marketing Consultant

I began marketing in my 20s in Las Vegas Nevada. In the beginning my company was called Dotcom Tech. That was difficult though to tell people to go do dotcomtech.com. You can probably see how it would be difficult. I formed a company with a good friend of mine and after parting ways I started Raptor on my own. I have run Raptor ever since keeping my focus on results for clients and referrals as our main source of growth. We currently market nationwide and use our experience and skillset to help thousands of companies rank in the top 3Continue readingMarketing Consultant


At the time of writing this post I have currently published over 50 books in multiple niches. Many have become bestsellers and the rights have been sold to larger publishing houses for worldwide distribution. My passion for creating started with art and expanded into writing in my 20s. You can view all of my books by going to Amazon and typing in “Joseph Stevenson”