Excellent collaborator on several web projects

Joseph Stevenson has been an excellent collaborator on several web projects, including a complex redesign of a large website to “responsive design standards.” Joe’s technical skills are quite strong. He understands his areas of strength and values the input of others in their own areas of knowledge. Basically, he is a very good team player.Joe’s fees are very reasonable. Don’t question him too much on this, because he could charge more.

Joe is a very humble person, unlike many people in the computer field. Joe is very adept at getting the job done in a timely manner. He is adaptable and makes modifications in collaboration during the course of projects to solve issues. I have never met Joe, but I feel very close to him. He is the kind of guy who could be your best friend. He is loyal, supportive, good-hearted, a gentle speaker and a fabulous listener. I will continue to work with Joe as long as he will have us.