What is SEO

ar a lot of terms: PPC, SEM, SEO etc. used interchangeably. My question is what SEO does not include?

Great question! SEO is Search Engine Optimization. That means it covers the optimizing of sites to rank in search engines naturally. So PPC which stands for Pay Per Click would not count since that is a paid service not natural. SEM or Search Engine Marketing is a broad term covering all search engine marketing natural and paid so again not included. Any natural work that is done to help a website show up naturally in a search engine falls under the realm of SEO. Anything else that is paid is not.

Mark Jackson wrote a great post in search engine watch about SEO not being a One-Trick Pony. Said Mark:

More often, you are engaging in an omni-channel approach to building authority, strategically developing content, technical stuff, and optimizing conversion rates as much as you are title tags.

This, in my opinion, is “today’s SEO.”

Well said Mark. I might add that focusing on quality of content and product first will develop the highest valuable content to users and increase the natural SEO automatically.