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Joseph Stevenson is a Boston SEO consultant. Any advice or work found from this site or through the blog should be checked with Joseph before implementing due to the rapid change of search engine algorithms and their effects on rankings.

What Exactly I Do

Doing everything makes you a jack of all trades, master of none.

Here in Boston, my expertise lies in SEO and creating effective websites. Clients come to me because the sites I design have a track record of showing up higher in search engines which allows more buyers to see their sites. This is due to my strong background in Boston SEO work and programming. Though I have dabbled in various programming projects over the years, I’ve found my strengths lie in SEO and website development. Although, if you do have other needs such as App Development, Email Marketing, or Social Media Outreach, I have a professional network of contacts who are more familiar with these areas than I am. I would be more than happy to introduce you to them. It’s simple. I like to remain focused on SEO.
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My early years and how I got started.

Boston SEO
My parents raised me in Golden Valley, Arizona, which is about two hours traveling distance from Las Vegas, Nevada. I was sick a lot as a child, and my illness couldn’t be cured by doctors when we lived in the Washington State area. It turns out that the humidity in the area was affecting my health, so we packed up and moved to a much drier place.

I was home schooled as a child, as the closest school to our house was 30 minutes away by bus out in Kingman. One of my assignments was to work on our old computer, which had several basic programming languages installed on it. When I was 12, I ended up creating my first program by myself, which was a simple calculator. That began my technology career.


Where my love of being a nerd came from.

As my skills grew, I delved into the world of video game code. I started out by creating story and text-based games, and began to understand the back end of other games that I enjoyed playing. I really liked going back into the code to search for hidden codes and messages. When the Internet became more popular, I began working with websites a bit. I would design my friends’ MySpace pages and other small projects like that. Then in my 20’s, I went full steam ahead with websites, launching several affiliate sites that were each optimized to generate ad revenue.
Around that same time, I began getting requests to create sites for others. I finally took on my first client in 2007, then officially launched Joseph Stevenson (a Boston SEO Firm). My two brothers are in the technology field, as well. Now, I’m in the running with other Boston SEO companies. I stand out because of my SEO background and the high-performing sites I produce for my clients.


I believe business should be earned, not expected.

Unlike many Boston SEO companies, I work hard to earn business. I’ve found that other Boston SEO firms like to corner clients into purchasing long-term contracts or packages, then outsource the work to another agency. At that point, you’re just paying a messenger. These companies often overcharge you compared to if you went to the third-party company directly.

Now I know all Boston SEO companies probably claim they’re the best, I’m sure I’m guilty of that as well, but what I recommend is for you to look at the track record of a company before you agree to anything. Check out their clients and see if they’re happy. Take a look at their sites and SEO work personally. If these things check out, then you’re usually good to go. Though I’m not the only top-tier SEO company in Boston, I pride myself on my honest approach and advanced skills.

Boston SEO


If you don’t do things right, don’t do them at all.

It’s a reality of this business that many Boston SEO companies try to shortcut their clients to finish work faster so they can bring in still more business. I take the approach of delivering a professional-level work product the first time, as opposed to the “swarming” method these other companies use by generating a lot of irrelevant blogs and back links. In contrast, here is how our Boston SEO firm creates highly-ranked sites:

1. Rework current site: Here we optimize your site for search engines as it stands. This usually involves making changes to your web copy, or working with the back end of the site.

2. Develop strong content: We then create and post new high-quality articles, blogs, and media releases in order to increase the traffic to your page. These are strategic, not just filler pieces. This creates an “SEO avalanche” that propels your site upward on search engines.

3. Repeat the process: As we continue to get your content noticed, your site is included in more and more search results. This is the tried and true method of increasing rank. At the same time, it ensures that you’ll stay on top by creating a stellar website that people will want to visit.

Firms that try to sell you on a different approach are taking detours. Don’t be fooled by this, as any top Boston SEO company worth the money will stick with proven methods, like we do, instead of trying to use search engine tricks.

Boston SEO

For nearly twelve years, I have been working with Boston companies, performing Boston SEO on their sites with great results. If you discovered this page without being referred, then you did so because of our SEO skills.

Our process is simple: Combine strong coding with lots of hard work. It’s a tough and rewarding profession, and I enjoy it. Want to talk with one of the best SEO experts in Boston? Call Joseph Stevenson SEO Consulting and witness a difference in your web traffic and sales this year.

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I appreciate you reaching out to me. If you are trying to sell something please do so through the right channel. The same goes for accounting, legal etc. Remeber Fonzie? Cool let’s be like him and keep things cool by not spamming me to death OK?

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