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Baltimore SEO for individuals looking for great SEO and web design at terrific costs contact our Baltimore SEO Raptor Digital Marketing. Raptor Digital Marketing is a Baltimore SEO firm. Any advice or work found from this site or through the blog should be checked with Joseph before implementing due to the rapid change of search engine algorithms and their effects on rankings.

A Message From Our Founder.

Doing everything makes you a jack of all trades, master of none.

I am a developer and SEO expert. I create websites and then handle the optimization on them to make sure they show up well in search engines. Businesses pay me to build them custom websites and get them in front of buyers for their product using Phoenix SEO. I like to keep things simple since programming itself is actually quite difficult.Web development and SEO are the only things I handle at this point. I don’t handle Social Media, Email Marketing, App Development and a few other things. I have some great friends who do those things I can introduce you to but I personally only handle the things I feel I can do a good job at.

About Phoenix SEO

My early years and how I got started.

I was raised in Golden Valley Arizona. It is about 2 hours outside Phoenix to the north west of the state. While I was a teenager I would visit phoenix to see friends on occasion. The first time I came to phoenix I didn’t realize the whole valley was shaped like a donut and got lost trying to get home until about 1 in the morning. When I finally found the right road back to Kingman I was so tired I had to pull over and sleep. A police officer then pulled up behind me to make sure I wasn’t a trouble maker. Ah those were the days.Growing up in Golden Valley there isn’t a middle school or much of anything else. My parents home-schooled me and my four siblings who were home at the time. Although computers weren’t a part of our curriculum being home-schooled, my parents did supply us with an early windows version to play with. I learned GW basic and created some basic games and a calculator when I was about 12.


Where my love of being a nerd came from.

The first game I created was a story game. The idea back then was you would have a story play out in text form on your page and you would have to respond. For instance the screen might read: “You are in a deserted valley walking along a road. You come up to a house and enter the driveway leading up to the door. What do you want to do now?”. Then I would program in accepable responses like “open door” or “leave driveway” etc. It was a lot of fun and got the programming bug in me from an early age.

When I was a teenager I would change the html for my friend’s myspace pages giving them custom backgrounds, fonts, colors etc. It made me pretty cool until a bunch of other websites came out with copy and paste code to change your settings.

When I turned 19 I took a break from programming and my other businesses and went on a two year service mission for my church to Kentucky.

A lot of people laugh when they hear that because they always picture missions to be in third world countries not the United States. Funny thing is my three brothers also served missions in South Dakota, Illionois and California so compared to them I was probably closest to a third world country.When I returned I moved to Las Vegas to get my college degree. I met my wife, finished college and so far have three wonderful kids with her. Thats a lot to sum up in a sentence I just realized but you probably don’t want to hear about going through a recession while finishing college and working for myself.

After a lot of hard work and patience I have managed to carve out a name in the SEO industry here in Phoenix. I started to expand my consulting to neighboring cities like Phoenix in 2015.

Now that I am competing on a daily basis with other Phoenix SEO companies I have to hold myself to a higher standard of work. I strive to have the highest quality of work in the industry done under my watch which will ensure my clients rank higher than their competitors.


I believe business should be earned, not expected.

Out of all the Phoenix SEO Companies I try very hard to make sure I earn your business. Other Phoenix SEO companies do not have good intentions with your business, in fact they may have no intention of even doing good work. Oftentimes my competing Phoenix SEO companies literally only have a game plan to get you in a year contract and then they don’t worry about any work actually getting done. If you do decide to hire them usually your account will get outsourced to a company in India or the Phillipines. I have even had these Phoenix SEO companies contact me asking to outsource their work to me so that I end up making them look good. Fun stuff.

Other Phoenix SEO companies will claim to be the best regardless of their qualifications. The best way to find out if you are hiring the best Phoenix SEO company is to make them put their money where their mouths are per-se’. For instance most companies should be able to produce a current list of clients that rank well in search engines. They should also be able to give you references of happy clients. If they can’t do the basics of what would be expected from an entry level employee then you probably shouldn’t hire them. I’m not saying I am the most perfect SEO in Phoenix or that everyone else is a fraud. What I am saying is try everyone out for size and make them prove themselves before hiring them.


If you don’t do things right, don’t do them at all.

Most SEO companies out there will try to get you ranked quick. They will use a lot of black-hat techniques that will get you possibly removed or at the very least flagged by search engines. Quick gains in the beginning can mean bad news later on for a lot of businesses.

I prefer to go the other route and actually learn about your business and consult with you on what will give you the best long run results. I stand behind my work and am proud of it. If you aren’t satisfied with your SEO for any reason just let me know and I’ll be happy to adjust the work I do for you.

Everyone has a process for getting you ranked high in search engines. I of course like to think my process is one of the best but I’ll let you be the judge of that:

1. The first thing I do is get your site to the point where it deserves to rank. Is your website old or outdated? Does it look good on mobile? Does it look good at all? Google takes all of these things into consideration when ranking a website. If your site does not load fast, look good and interact well with users then you won’t rank as well as you should.

2. After your site is ranked well you will need to focus on good content. Fresh content is key to getting crawled much more frequently by major search engines and helps with ranking. Content can be created in the form of blog posts, social media shares, press releases and other content sharing techniques.

As you create more and more good content, other websites will link back to your site earning you a higher reputation online.3. Rinse and repeat. Doing these things consistently is key to getting your site ranked higher in search engines. Google loves fresh content and they love it even more when it is consistent. I recommend new content on a minimum of a weekly basis but daily if you are able.

I am a Phoenix SEO consultant and have been working in the digital marketing field for over 12 years. If you weren’t refered to me by someone you kno who works with me, then it was probably through Phoenix SEO. SEO is the process of getting a website ranked higher in the search engines. To rank a site high in search engines it takes a lot of hard work, education, equipment and drive.

Out of all the Phoenix SEO companies, Joseph Stevenson consulting is the premier SEO company in the Phoenix Valley.

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