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Joseph Stevenson is a Stockton SEO consultant. Any advice or work found from this site or through the blog should be checked with Joseph before implementing due to the rapid change of search engine algorithms and their effects on rankings.

What Exactly I Do

Doing everything makes you a jack of all trades, master of none.

SEO plays a huge role in making sure your website gets noticed, which is the only reason to have one really. I’m the best in the business when it comes to Stockton SEO. Business owners and entrepreneurs come to me when they want to create a custom website that ranks high on the major search engines, including Google. I focus solely on SEO. However, if you, need a referral, I work with other people I trust across various disciplines, like email marketing, app development, etc.

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My early years and how I got started.

Stockton SEO
The reason why I’m so effective at what I do is because I started training to become a programmer when I was just a kid. As a child, we lived in Golden Valley, a small town in Arizona, that didn’t have its own public school. Because of this, I was home schooled as an alternative to spending most of my childhood on the school bus every day traveling to Kingman, the next town over. This gave me more freedom with my studies, and allowed me to concentrate on what I loved most: computers.

As a kid, I was constantly on our old computer, playing around with basic coding and computer languages. I really had a knack for it. This came to a head when I was 12 years old, and I created my first program from scratch, a simple calculator.


Where my love of being a nerd came from.

This small success so young spurred me to programming in other areas, such as computer games and social media sites. As a kid, I was creating basic computer games with programming, as well as designing custom MySpace profiles for my friends. My big push towards SEO in the Stockton market was when I was 20. At that point, I started really looking into how I could use SEO and programming to get sites ranked higher. After I figured that out, I launched a host of affiliate sites that made money through online advertising.
Around this time in my life, my programming and web design skills really started to get noticed, and I got several requests to create sites for other friends and business owners. It was at their insistence and my love for the profession that I took on my first official client in 2007, launching Joseph Stevenson (a Stockton SEO Firm). Today, we still operate in the same area, and continue to provide top quality Stockton SEO without all of “loopholes” and “shortcuts” that many of the larger SEO companies in Stockton try to use on their clients.


I believe business should be earned, not expected.

When I say “loopholes,” I’m generally talking about how many of the other Stockton SEO firms aren’t entirely honest with their customers. Usually, they offer business owners discounted rates in exchange for lengthy contracts and services, which force their clients into long-term payment plans. After signing a deal like this, these companies then outsource the SEO work to smaller firms who do the work. At this point, you’re putting your trust in a white label service sold to you by a middle man, and for the most part, you’ll never even know they’re operating this way.

I’ve find that one of the prime advantages of running your own business is that you don’t have to answer to bosses or corporate ultimatums. Instead, you can create a business structure and processes designed to build a professional relationship with each client. A relationship based on mutual respect and quality service. This is how I run my Stockton SEO company. You can be sure… You’ll never see my company compromising our values just to make a quick buck. Instead, we focus on providing quality SEO for an exceptional value. That’s really all people are looking for.

Stockton SEO


If you don’t do things right, don’t do them at all.

When I speak about “shortcuts,” I’m referring to a common Stockton SEO practice that these companies use to get results quickly. Because they know the basics about how Google indexes and sorts websites, they use excessive repetition of keywords in blog articles and a bunch of haphazardly placed back links to drive traffic to your site. This works at driving up ranking quickly, but at a huge cost of making your website and company look cheap. In my mind, there’s no point in having a site that’s ranked highly if it doesn’t do the job of generating leads or making sales. And this approach by other SEO firms in Stockton definitely doesn’t sustain your rankings.

I’ve designed a proven 3-Step SEO method that will raise your rankings, but will at the same time fortify your website through solid programming and meaningful content – making sure that all of the increased traffic leads to more customers and sales for your company.

Here is how we do it:

1. Re-code and re-work the back end of your current site, as well as optimize the copy on your site to be picked up easier by search engines;

2. Create high-quality content (on site and off site), approved by you of course, that generates traffic, creates buzz, and drives up your site ranking on search engines ; and

3. Repeat #2 until we have your website ranked high and generating increased revenue.

And there you have it. It’s simple, effective, and leaves you with website that not only looks great, but also accomplishes your marketing and sales goals in the short-term and the long-term.

Stockton SEO

We’ve been in the Stockton SEO business since I first launched Joseph Stevenson SEO Consulting back in 2007. Over the last decade, we’ve continued to improve our process and skills as we’ve studied all of the ins and outs of Stockton SEO.

SEO is a difficult but rewarding profession that allows me to help people, have my programming expertise appreciated by my clients, and still gives me some free time to spend with my family.

I’m looking forward to helping you here in the Stockton area. I encourage you to reach out to me so we can get started.

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I won’t bite or annoy you with sales guys.

I appreciate you reaching out to me. If you are trying to sell something please do so through the right channel. The same goes for accounting, legal etc. Remeber Fonzie? Cool let’s be like him and keep things cool by not spamming me to death OK?

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