Web Design

Web Design/Edits

We have been developing websites longer than any of our other services. We create hundreds of sites per year and display some of our favorites here. Whether you need edits to an exiting website or a design and creation of a new site we would love to help. See some of our packages below:

Hourly Edits $100/Hr

For all edits we charge a flat rate of $100 per hour in 15 minute increments. This is a great option for sites needing tweaks or updates. Contact us to talk with a web developer about edits you need and we will gladly give you a quote before starting any work.

Basic Site $900

Our most basic site option with just a few pages and a unique design. This option is great for companies just looking to get a site launched that will brand them well but with smaller budgets to begin with. Built on the same platform as our advanced sites for easy upgrades later.

Advanced Site Starting at $3000

Advanced sites get you much more. More pages, text, widgets and design. We can create a masterpiece with this budget and really sink our teeth into the design. This package does not include some advanced coding like api integration but does include most popular widgets used on sites today.

Extreme Site Starting at $7000

For our clients looking to wow their customers from the get go. This option provides multiple design options, fulling custom coding and integration with third party software as well as more pages, content, widgets and imagery. Our most expensive package but by far the most bang for your buck.


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