Episode 15:

This week I am introducing our new plugin The 5 Star Google Review Plugin. This plugin will allow you to put a review form right on your website for customers to leave you reviews.

The plugin functions like this:

  1. Your client goes to your site to leave a review.
  2. If the client leaves a 4 star or less review they are shown an apology message that you customize in the plugin telling them you are sorry they didn’t have the best experience possible.
  3. If they leave a 5 star review they will be sent to a thank you page that you also customize. On that thank you page, the client will be forwarded to Google, Facebook and Yelp depending on their choice to leave the review.

The nice thing is that you can control the reviews that hit the public to a point and avoid having bad reviews put out on the web from clients you may not have known were upset. You can Download the plugin here:

5 Star Google Reviews