$20.00 / month



Track Rankings

With our ranking report you will know where your website ranks for each keyword you are targeting. We will generate and mail this report weekly to the email address you specify. Add up to 20 keywords (additional keywords can be added for a small fee) to your report to start tracking.

What You Get

When you sign up for the rank tracking report you will get:

  • Weekly Report (Each week we will email you with your rankings from Google in a pdf report. Other options are available as well by request)
  • Change in Rankings (Each report will show change over time in your rankings which help you to track progress for each keyword you are tracking)
  • Average Cost Per Click (Google has an average CPC for each keyword based on bids in adwords. Our tool will estimate the average and display the cost which helps to determine competitive levels on the keywords)
  • Volume (Volume will display the average number of searches per month for each keyword you are tracking)
We think you will love our product. If you don’t just send it back or give us a call if it’s a digital product and we’ll refund you your money. No questions asked. We want you to be happy so if your not just tell us and we’ll fix it. *Qualified orders only. For current month orders only. Any orders past 45 days purchase are non-refundable.


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