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ave another great announcement this week! The second book in the Little Book on Digital Marketing series is coming out this month! I am giving away 100 free copies to business owners or marketers looking to learn SEO. What’s the catch? I’m glad you asked (even if you didn’t). What I ask in return is that you go to Amazon and leave me a review on the book. It helps me a ton in terms of Amazon rankings and the feedback itself is invaluable.

If of course you want to leave a scathing review maybe do so on my site first so I can fix whatever issue you had vs loose business over the years from a horrible review. Anyhow if you are interested in getting a free copy just fill out the form below:

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Thanks so much and have a great week!

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Author: Joseph Stevenson

Joseph Stevenson is an SEO expert based out of Las Vegas, NV. Joseph has over 15 years of experience with B2B marketing and SEO. Joseph is the Author of multiple bestsellers and the host of the Raptor Digital Marketing Podcast.