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Little Book Keyword Research Ch10

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Please read below to find the end of chapter resources from The Little Book on Digital Marketing (Keyword Research). Comment below with any relevant experiences or additional citations that would be useful to other readers. Please no spam.

End of Chapter Challenge


This end of chapter challenge will focus on locating any negative keywords in your media.


Sometimes this can be a difficult task if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Some believe that all traffic is good traffic.


If this is your opinion just assume for this activity that you might be wrong. J


Write down what your target is. You can also write down what product or service you’re selling. The idea is to identify in writing what it is you make your money from.


Target  ____________________________________


Next, list the keywords that would best describe your target. These should be as close to exact match or phrase match keywords as you can manage.


Keyword 1 ________________________________


Keyword 2 ________________________________


Keyword 3 ________________________________


Next using the Ahrefs overview report, look through the organic keyword list for your domain. Sort by traffic, and write down the top three results. Then, sort by traffic again to see the bottom three results. Write them below:


Top 1 _____________________________________


Top 2 _____________________________________


Top 3 _____________________________________


Bottom 1 __________________________________


Bottom 2 __________________________________


Bottom 3 __________________________________


Of the keywords, how many match your target? How many are negative keywords, if any? Continue to look through the list for any possible negative keywords.




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[2] MOZ, Negative Keywords for SEO, https://moz.com/community/q/negative-keywords-for-seo


[3] Amazon Ad Network, https://advertising.amazon.com/ad-specs/en/aap


[4] SEM Rush, http://semrush.com/


[5] Ahrefs, On-Page Test, http://ahrefs.com/

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