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End of Chapter Challenge


Since the main point of exact match keywords is to drive the most targeted visitors to your media, this end of chapter challenge will focus on that main goal.


Below, put the most targeted exact match keyword for your business. Don’t worry about whether there is any volume for the keyword, only make sure it is a keyword that if searched would almost guarantee a conversion of the searcher to your product or service:


Exact match keyword _____________________


Next using the Ahrefs Keyword Planner [4] find the related keywords that contain the same words as your exact match keyword. Put the three most related keywords below with their volume and KD.


Related Keyword 1 ________________________

Keyword Difficulty ______Volume __________


Related Keyword 2 ________________________

Keyword Difficulty ______Volume __________


Related Keyword 3 ________________________

Keyword Difficulty ______Volume __________


These three keyword phrases should be the focus in your marketing efforts to naturally target your exact match keyword.


You should still target your exact match keyword, but a good rule of thumb is 80/20. Target 80% of your marketing to the keywords that are related to your exact match keyword, and 20% to the exact match keyword directly.


Finally, do some searches in Google with your related keywords to see what websites already rank for them.


Research their pages and content to see how many are using the exact phrase, and how many are using broad terms that contain parts of the phrase.


Look through the title and site meta tags. You’ll find them below the blue link and the text description in the search results. See how many of the results contain the phrase exactly and how many contain only portions of the phrase.




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