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Fake Domain and Hosting Bills

I am writing this post because unfortunately a lot of our clients have not only received fake bills for domain registrations and hosting, but have also paid some of them. The issue generally lies with our larger customers who have accounting departments that unknowingly approve and cut checks for what look like legitimate bills only to find out later the next year after issuing budget requests or 1099’s that the bill was fake. I’m not going to give accounting advice but if you are a larger company I would suggest putting some controls in place to avoid paying bills fromContinue readingFake Domain and Hosting Bills

Making Your Site ADA Compliant Quick, Easy and Affordably

Recently it’s become popular to Sue website owners that are not “ADA Compliant” Unknowing website owners get smacked with lawsuit letters targeting them because a disabled person wasn’t able to use their website with their disability. With the rise in lawsuits, web companies have tried to capitalize by offering ADA Compliance services for a fee. I don’t blame them of course but it’s just an added expense that isn’t usually expected. If you are one of these unknowing website owners that needs compliance there are some free tools out there that will help you get compliant without costing an armContinue readingMaking Your Site ADA Compliant Quick, Easy and Affordably

How Long Does SEO Take To Work – For Online Retailers?

Inevitably this question comes up in every sales meeting: “How long will SEO take?” The answer, of course, is “It depends.”  While some very fancy and technological sites will give us some very interesting data about domain age, link volume, trust flow, etc. there is no sure answer. However, one thing almost everybody agrees on is that 6 months is a good ballpark estimate for good SEO results in an optimal situation. Does SEO take longer than 6 months? Sometimes. I have had some clients who take only a couple months to get to page 1, but I’ve also seenContinue readingHow Long Does SEO Take To Work – For Online Retailers?

Attorney Advertising: Yeah, I Found Your $100-Per-Click Ads WAY Outside Your Jurisdiction. Do You LIKE Wasting Money? Is That Even Legal?

WARNING:  In this post, I call out several Las Vegas PI attorneys for wasting money, and potentially advertising themselves as available in other jurisdictions.  If you’re a PI attorney in Vegas, check if you’re on the list. If you’re outside Vegas, but running ads on Adwords, be sure to read how to check your own ads. Adwords is probably the biggest Love/Hate relationship personal injury attorneys have in their marketing efforts. Love, because if it’s set up right it can get results right away.  Hate because, for PI attorneys, Adwords can cost over 100 dollars per click.  That means, ofContinue readingAttorney Advertising: Yeah, I Found Your $100-Per-Click Ads WAY Outside Your Jurisdiction. Do You LIKE Wasting Money? Is That Even Legal?

flood relief for houston

Helping in Houston

ong>When we found out some of Joseph’s friends in Houston were stranded in their homes, he had to help. See Joseph featured on Fox 5 Vegas here:   On Monday evening Joseph arrived at the nearest working airport, picked up a Jeep and a boat from a friend, and made the drive to Houston.  He joined the caravan of relief workers, military, and concerned citizens pouring into the area to offer assistance. The streets are still flooded, and many people have been trapped for over 48 hours. Some haven’t had any food in a full day. At this point, JosephContinue readingHelping in Houston

What Does the LinkedIn / hiQ Ruling Mean For Web Scrapers?

HiQ has a business model that relies on scraping massive amounts of data from public LinkedIn profiles. It then sells that data to employers who might want to know if they have people who are actively looking for other jobs, for example. But LinkedIn doesn’t like that idea. So it argued that HiQ was breaking the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act of… 1986. Yes, 1986. When the internet didn’t exist. The law The CFAA is pretty clear on what’s illegal.  Basically, if you get access without permission, or “exceeds authorized access” to obtain information from a protected computer.  The CFAAContinue readingWhat Does the LinkedIn / hiQ Ruling Mean For Web Scrapers?

Content without SEO

p; We take on clients all the time who have been throwing their content down the bottomless well that is the Internet. They’re frustrated because they’ve been producing original content consistently, but it’s failing to yield the leads that content marketing articles have told them would emerge if they just followed the “content is king” strategy. What we find is that many of these businesses have failed to develop a content distribution strategy to accompany all the blogging. Without it, your content is like an empty promise. Fulfilling the Promise of Your Content Did you know there are 400 hoursContinue readingContent without SEO

SEO in

doesn’t the “S” in SEO stand for “strategy?” I’ve been musing lately that maybe it should. That’s because I often see businesses separating SEO from the rest of their marketing planning and implementation processes. But one without the other will impede your efforts to attract new business. I suppose this is the natural result of SEO experts not being trained as marketers and vise versa. But the reality is that search engine optimization is marketing – and if you do it properly, the results will rival or exceed any other marketing channel. SEO is Strategic Marketing If marketing doesn’t goContinue readingSEO in

Vector Man with Mangify

Episode 18:

This week I go into details of how to get a perfect score on your Google Page Speed Insights and how reverse engineering can help your business in other ways as well. Also my new book is out so go check it out on Amazon!

Episode 17:

It’s another SEO Radio Hour with Greg and I! This week we talk about some tips and strategies to help your business retain employees, update your Google Business Page and more. Listen through any of the sources below.

New Updates from Google

he world of Google, there have been a couple of updates in the last month or two that have affected a few clients. These updates are notable for a couple reasons: 1. Instead of a single day update, these updates extended over a week period or longer, with extreme shake-ups in rankings for many companies across the country. 2. Instead of targeting a single issue or feature, such as backlinks or content, these updates had no single identifying feature. 3. Even though rankings shifted significantly, there was no announcement from Google. This seems to indicate that either they didn’t intendContinue readingNew Updates from Google

Site Audit

Test Your On-Page Optimization This lightweight tool will analyze your website and email you feedback on improvements you can make to your on-page optimization. On-Page SEO is half of the battle when working to increase your rankings in search engines. Get Started Below:

Get a Free Copy

ave another great announcement this week! The second book in the Little Book on Digital Marketing series is coming out this month! I am giving away 100 free copies to business owners or marketers looking to learn SEO. What’s the catch? I’m glad you asked (even if you didn’t). What I ask in return is that you go to Amazon and leave me a review on the book. It helps me a ton in terms of Amazon rankings and the feedback itself is invaluable. If of course you want to leave a scathing review maybe do so on my siteContinue readingGet a Free Copy

Episode 16:

The time has finally come for the release of my second book in The Little Book on Digital Marketing Series! SEO Part 1 On-Page Optimization will be out in a couple of weeks and I am giving away a hundred copies for free! Listen now for details.

Episode 15:

This week I am introducing our new plugin The 5 Star Google Review Plugin. This plugin will allow you to put a review form right on your website for customers to leave you reviews. The plugin functions like this: Your client goes to your site to leave a review. If the client leaves a 4 star or less review they are shown an apology message that you customize in the plugin telling them you are sorry they didn’t have the best experience possible. If they leave a 5 star review they will be sent to a thank you page thatContinue readingEpisode 15:

Finding Your

ing clients to your Yelp business page to leave you a review can be difficult for some users. This quick guide will show you the easiest way to find the correct page to send users to for Yelp Reviews. If you are using the 5 Star Google Reviews Plugin this is how you find the URL for your Yelp Business Page to be added under settings. Step 1: Go to Yelp Go to Yelp and type in your business name and location. Click on Your Business Page from the Results In the search results find your business and click onContinue readingFinding Your

Finding Your

ing clients to your Facebook business page to leave you a review can be difficult for some users. This quick guide will show you the easiest way to find the correct page to send users to for Facebook Reviews. If you are using the 5 Star Google Reviews Plugin this is how you find the URL for your Facebook Business Page to be added under settings. Step 1: Go to Facebook Go to Facebook and look for your pages link on the left sidebar. Click on the Pages Link and Your Page Click on the pages link and then clickContinue readingFinding Your

Finding Your

ing clients to your google business page to leave you a review can be difficult for some users. This quick guide will show you the easiest way to find the correct page to send users to for Google Reviews. If you are using the 5 Star Google Reviews Plugin this is how you find the URL for your Google Business Page to be added under settings. Step 1: Go to Google Go to Google and type in your business name. Mine is Joseph Stevenson SEO and when I type that in I see the following: Click on the Reviews LinkContinue readingFinding Your

Google Local Reviews

Get The Best Reviews on Google, Facebook and Yelp This lightweight plugin will display a review form on your website. If the user leaves a 5 star review they will be forwarded to your google business, facebook or yelp page. Any reviews with 4 stars or less will be shown an apology page from you. Perfect to get feedback from customers without complaints going straight to your google business, facebook or yelp pages. Click to Download Plugin Free

Episode 14:

This week I am previewing chapter 4 in the Little Book on Digital Marketing SEO Part 1 On Page Optimization. The book series will contain a complete guide to keyword research, on-page optimization, off-page optimization and local optimization. Following the guidelines in each of these 4 books will give you a solid blueprint to getting your site ranked well in search engines. Book 2 should be out in a couple of months and today I wanted to highlight Chapter 4 and some of the tips I think are most useful from it. I hope you enjoy!

Using Social Media

of the biggest complaints I hear from clients is that all of their social media efforts both paid and non-paid don’t usually bear any fruit. There could be a number of reasons why this has been their outcome but the bad taste left in their mouths oftentimes keep them from using social media in one of it’s most basic forms. Today I want to talk a little about using social media to grow the authority of your business. The idea isn’t that you will necessarily get clients directly from Social Media, but instead when you are researched online, you willContinue readingUsing Social Media

Episode 13:

In this episode Greg and I answer a great listener question and cover new updates from Google and of course a joke! The tip of the month is a little technical but get your developer on board and see if you can follow along to get a perfect 100 on Google Page Speed insights. We hope you enjoy!

What is the Most Bang For My Buck

starting a business, costs can be a big deterrent to growth. Oftentimes it is a question of the chicken and the egg and many business owners don’t know how to market without taking loans out. The difficulty with marketing is that most of it is long-term. You can get some immediate success with a few platforms but others take sustained investment to pay off. To add to the pain, many advertising options don’t work for some business models but  by the time they figure it out, there isn’t enough money to try a different avenue. Finding the happy medium UsuallyContinue readingWhat is the Most Bang For My Buck

Episode 12:

I am excited to announce a couple of awesome things I am working on in this episode! I hope you will take advantage of the content I will be putting out and that it will help your business out in a tremendous way. I do SEO not only because I love it but because I love seeing businesses have success and get new clients from search engines. The books, videos and classes I will be putting out I am hoping will be a huge help to small business owners that may not be able to afford a full time SEOContinue readingEpisode 12:

How Long

ink one of the most often asked questions I receive is “how long will this take to work?”. The “this” in reference is almost always SEO. This is a very difficult question to answer mainly because of the dishonesty of a lot of my competitors. I don’t say this to talk down on them, that’s not really necessary. In fact I probably feel more sorry for them than anything because they feel a need to over-promise to clients in order to land them, when honesty usually sells much better. But I digress. Getting back to the topic of how longContinue readingHow Long

Does it matter

ve an ecommerce site and right now I have landing pages for brands and product types. I want to create custom landing pages for certain keywords, think something along the lines of “black running shoes”, to exist separate from my landing page for just “running shoes”. Since these new landing pages will have roughly the same products, will Google treat the new pages as duplicates of my existing landing pages? Or is a different H1 and ~20% different products enough to be counted as unique? So I get this question quite a bit with people promoting websites and I thinkContinue readingDoes it matter

Should I Enter an SEO Description for my Blogs?

class=”question”> Hello. I recently started a blog, but didn’t use any SEO plugin. Now, I installed SEO and I am entering SEO descriptions and tag. Yet, i have about 35 posts (and total of 40) on my blog without any SEO configuration. Should I start entering meta description of those old post or forget all about them? The purpose of meta tags is to describe your content. Search Engines of course pick up your title and description and use them as you main explanation of the page. When you Should If you like to write in a way that doesContinue readingShould I Enter an SEO Description for my Blogs?

Episode 11:

In this episode I mix things up a bit and talk about my new podcast format and my tactics for dealing with spammers. We probably all deal with them from time to time and so I have a trick I use over and over again that seems to work pretty well. Make sure you comment on any tricks you use as well!

What is the character limit

experiencing this for one of my projects. I optimized the meta title and description to the optimal length, 65 characters for meta title and 156 characters for description. When I searched my keywords on Google I have seen that google added some extra texts to the end of the title tag. And there were a total 75 characters in the title tag. Some of my keywords ranks have fallen significantly after the update in the title tag. Don’t understand what’s going on. So there are a lot of forums that talk about character limits in your title and description metaContinue readingWhat is the character limit