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We think you will love our product. If you don’t just send it back or give us a call if it’s a digital product and we’ll refund you your money. No questions asked. We want you to be happy so if your not just tell us and we’ll fix it. *Qualified orders only. For current month orders only. Any orders past 45 days purchase are non-refundable.

Denver SEO for individuals looking for great SEO and web design at terrific costs contact our Denver SEO Raptor Digital Marketing. Raptor Digital Marketing is a Denver SEO firm. Any advice or work found from this site or through the blog should be checked with Joseph before implementing due to the rapid change of search engine

A Message From Our Founder.

Doing everything makes you a jack of all trades, master of none.

I am a developer and SEO expert. I create websites and then handle the optimization on them to make sure they show up well in search engines. Businesses pay me to build them custom websites and get them in front of buyers for their product using Denver SEO. I like to keep things simple since programming itself is actually quite difficult.Web development and SEO are the only things I handle at this point. I don’t handle Social Media, Email Marketing, App Development and a few other things. I have some great friends who do those things I can introduce you to but I personally only handle the things I feel I can do a good job at.

About Denver SEO

My early years and how I got started.

I was raised in Golden Valley Arizona. It is pretty much nothing like Denver. A lot of desert and not many trees. There are also a lot of mountains which break up the terrain so that is nice but the lack of trees make it a little warm in the summers. I hadn’t actually been to Denver until I was an adult and my sister moved outside Denver while her husband taught at a helicopter school. I have traveled back a few times for various reasons and now come in for consulting on a regular basis.From a size standpoint my home town is much smaller than Denver. We had about 10,000 people in our small town most of which were retirees from California looking for much cheaper living. Being in a small town I was homeschooled by my saintly mother who homeschooled me and my four siblings who were at home.

We had a computer my father let us play with and I learned how to do basic programming on it. I built my first program when I was 12 which was a calculator in GW Basic. From there I went on to learn a lot of other skills on computers and also business. I started my first business when I was 17 which was a window cleaning business in Kingman.


Where my love of being a nerd came from.

While staying busy with my school and business I increased my knowledge of programming at a pretty steady rate as a teenager. The first real program I created was a story based game in GW Basic. The story game would explain to the user a scenario and the user would need to respond in a written form to continue in the game. For instance the screen might read “you are walking down a path in a wilderness and you come to a cottage. You turn down the path and go up to the front door. What do you do?”. You would then respond but what you typed would have to be an acceptable phrase in the system. So you would type “knock on door” or “go into cottage”. If the phrase was accepted it would give you the next part of the story. If it didn’t understand then it would say I don’t understand… and then the phrase you typed in. Not anything crazy but for a teenager I thought it was pretty hot stuff.

From there I went on to build out Myspace pages for my friends who wanted custom backgrounds and songs on their pages.

I would change out their fonts and colors giving them something cool to show their friends.When I was 19 years old I went on a two year service mission for my church in Kentucky. I took a break from doing any programming during this time since you spend your entire day doing service. When I got back I slowly got back into the online landscape by building out affiliate websites for myself and ad revenue sites when getting traffic was much easier.

I started doing web design and Denver SEO shortly after starting the affiliate sites and have been consulting ever since. Two of my brothers are also in technology one who works for himself at Tech Computing Solutions and the other who runs a job website finding legitimate work from home jobs. Both are successful and have helped me to persue my passion for online marketing, SEO and web design.


I believe business should be earned, not expected.

Of all the Denver SEO companies I try my hardest to be the best. A lot of time people will ask my what makes me the best Denver SEO company. The truth is I think I try the hardest. I am up earlier and work later every day making sure I keep up on the current SEO trends and Google updates. I take doing Denver SEO very seriously for myself and my clients. If I can’t get my self ranked for the keyword “Denver SEO” then I probably won’t be able to rank my clients for what they do either.

Every other Denver SEO company will claim they are also the best. Much like knowing what a type of tree is based on the fruit it bears, you do the same with Denver SEO. See if my work is good. If you already have hired another Denver SEO company then see if they have good or bad fruit. If you are paying for an Apple then you should get an apple not a prune. If you are paying for a good Denver SEO company then you should get a good Denver SEO company and nothing less.


If you don’t do things right, don’t do them at all.

Most SEO companies will focus on being efficient for themselves when you hire them. They aren’t really concerned with doing high quality work as much as high quantity. Oftentimes they will not even get the work done but instead claim they have knocked out a bunch of SEO for you even though they haven’t. My SEO work takes a lot of time and effort since I do the same for you as I do for myself.

A good SEO company will take their time to get you ranked high. They will only do high quality work that stands out above your competitors. I have a process I go through every month for my clients to make sure they rank well. I don’t hide it because really it’s just a lot of hard work. Here is my secret:

1. The first thing I do is make sure you deserve to rank. There are a lot of factors that Google takes into consideration but the biggest one is whether or not you even deserve to rank. Is your code clean on your site? Do you have good and fresh content? Can people get to your site on their mobile device? Most people know if they have a good site or not and frankly so does Google. So first thing I do is analyze and make sure you have an amazing site.

2. Once I know you have a really great site then I can promote it.

I promote your site with fresh and rich content that is easy to share. You may notice a lot of people will create spun or short content to be shared online and then they wonder why it never gets picked up. The answer is simple. They are trying to game a system that can’t be gamed. If you create good content then people will naturally link to you. If you create garbage nobody will link in and you won’t get visitors or better rankings.3. Rinse and repeat. I do the above two consistently over and over. There are not real tricks to it. Basically I know that if I continue to create good content then over the years my clients will get more and more business and branding until they are too large for competitors to take out and instead they have to be bought out or left alone.

I have been doing SEO in general for about 12 years and Denver SEO for just the past few. If you found this page then most likely you were in Google looking for a good Denver SEO expert. I care about my clients in Denver and I want the to have great SEO and do well.

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